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ShopMill: A Free and Easy-to-Use CNC Software

ShopMill: A Free and Easy-to-Use CNC Software

ShopMill is a software that allows you to create and edit CNC programs for milling machines. It is based on the SINUMERIK Operate interface, which is used by many Siemens CNC controllers. ShopMill lets you simulate your programs on a virtual machine, check for errors and optimize your machining process. You can also import and export files in various formats, such as ISO, DXF and STL.

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If you want to try ShopMill for free, you can download the SinuTrain software from the Siemens website[^1^]. SinuTrain is a training software that includes ShopMill and other CNC applications. You can use it to learn and practice CNC programming on your PC. SinuTrain is available in different versions, depending on your needs and preferences. You can choose between Basic, Standard and Advanced editions, as well as different languages.

To download SinuTrain for free, you need to register on the CNC4you portal[^2^], which is a platform for CNC enthusiasts and professionals. There you can find many resources and tools related to CNC topics, such as manuals, posters, videos and apps. You can also subscribe to the CNC4you newsletter[^3^], which will keep you updated on the latest news and trends in the CNC world.

ShopMill is a great software for anyone who wants to learn or improve their CNC skills. It is easy to use, versatile and compatible with many Siemens controllers. Download SinuTrain today and start creating your own CNC programs with ShopMill!

In this section, we will show you some examples of ShopMill programs and explain how they work. You can use these programs as templates or modify them according to your needs.

Example 1: Drilling a hole pattern

This program drills a hole pattern on a rectangular workpiece. The hole pattern consists of four rows and three columns of holes, with a distance of 20 mm between each hole. The program uses the following tools and parameters:

  • Tool: Drill bit with a diameter of 5 mm

  • Spindle speed: 2000 rpm

  • Feed rate: 100 mm/min

  • Depth of cut: 10 mm

  • Clearance plane: 5 mm above the workpiece

  • Workpiece origin: Lower left corner of the workpiece

The program code is as follows:

N10 G90 G54 G17

N20 T1 M6

N30 S2000 M3

N40 G0 X0 Y0 Z5

N50 G81 X0 Y0 Z-10 F100 R5

N60 X20

N70 X40

N80 Y20

N90 X0

N100 X20

N110 X40

N120 Y40

N130 X0

N140 X20

N150 X40

N160 Y60

N170 X0

N180 X20

N190 X40

N200 G80

N210 G0 Z100

N220 M5 M30

The program starts with some preparatory commands in line N10. It sets the absolute coordinate system (G90), the workpiece coordinate system (G54), and the XY plane for circular interpolation (G17). Then it selects the tool (T1) and changes it (M6).

In line N30, it sets the spindle speed (S2000) and turns it on clockwise (M3). In line N40, it moves the tool to the starting position (X0 Y0 Z5) at rapid speed (G0).

From line N50 to N190, it uses the drilling cycle command (G81) to drill the holes. The G81 command requires the following parameters:

  • X and Y: The coordinates of the hole center

  • Z: The depth of the hole

  • F: The feed rate for drilling

  • R: The position of the clearance plane

The program drills the first hole at the origin (X0 Y0) and then moves to the next hole in the same row by adding 20 mm to the X coordinate. It repeats this process until it drills three holes in the first row. Then it moves to the next row by adding 20 mm to the Y coordinate and drills three more holes. It repeats this process until it drills four rows of holes.

In line N200, it cancels the drilling cycle with the G80 command. In line N210, it moves the tool to a safe position (Z100) at rapid speed. In line N220, it turns off the spindle (M5) and ends the program (M30). 0efd9a6b88


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