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Mass Effect 2 Game Download For PC Full Version


Mass Effect 2 Game Download For PC Full Version

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Now we have the review version of the game, supplied on two discs. The first is a copy of the game just like the one you can buy from the shops. The second contains all the DLC you can download from the Cerberus Network as soon as you get the game. What we don't, have, however is the 12GB PSN download of the game - something we hope to look at further down the line.

As you might expect from a game using the rendering underpinnings of Unreal Engine 3, Mass Effect 2 operates at native 720p with no anti-aliasing on the PlayStation 3. There are hints of 2x multi-sampling AA on the Xbox 360, but in common with many UE3 titles this work is carried out fairly early in the rendering pipeline, because subsequent post-processing effects blitz almost all of the effect. The overall impression is that, just like the PS3 version, there is no edge smoothing at all. Other than that, the variances between the two games are mostly minor, aside from the lighting which can be somewhat different at any given point - but more on that later.

Let's kick off with the cut-scenes. If you might remember, in the demo code (now revealed to be two months pre-final), we saw evidence of engine optimisations that suggested that the PlayStation 3 version of the game could be running more smoothly than the Xbox 360 game. However, as the Mass Effect 2 demo-to-review-code comparison reveals, v-sync has been engaged on the final copy of the game and a frame-rate cap has been introduced, which should produce behaviour broadly in line with the existing 360 game.

It's an interesting result. What we see is frame rendering time rising from 33.33ms to 50ms in strenuous scenes - effectively a drop from 30FPS to 20FPS, sometimes sustained, sometimes not - and it affects both consoles. What is curious is that both platforms outperform the other in different scenes, suggesting that there are elements to the rendering process that are more taxing on specific hardware. On the whole though, it seems that the Xbox 360 version edges it, but the overall impression when watching and playing is that both versions are much the same.

What is responsible for the differences in the performance level in some scenes appears difficult to pinpoint. The PS3 version is weak at dealing with transparent alpha effects in direct comparison with its 360 counterpart, and Mass Effect 2's rich atmospherics can smother the entire screen with alpha, sapping performance.

Bearing in mind that the Xbox 360 rendition of UE3 typically outperforms its PS3 counterpart, the elements of performance where the Sony console has the upper hand could very well be down to the fact that it is running on a more recent iteration of the engine. While these games look very similar indeed, BioWare is on record saying that Mass Effect 3 tech powers the PS3 version. That's


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