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Facebook Buy Button

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In another move to blend social media with ecommerce, Facebook announced today that is testing a Buy button that will enable users to purchase products from businesses without leaving the social network.

A buy button is just one of a few e-commerce initiatives Facebook is working on. A few months ago it hired PayPal President David Marcus to lead its messaging department and find advertising-alternative ways to monetize. Facebook also previously acquired Karma for $80 million to launch Gifts, a way to purchase items for friends securely on the social network.

Instead of sending users to a merchant's website, Facebook will take care of the purchase within its network. When a user presses the "buy" button, a third -party processor handles payments. It's currently testing the feature for "a few" small and medium-sized US businesses.

There's growing interest in using social media for shopping transactions. A "buy" button also popped up on Twitter in June, and Amazon launched the ability to add items to a cart through tweets in May.

Facebook once tested Buy buttons that led offsite, but until today, you could only claim offers or buy some gold in a game like Battle Pirates directly from ads or posts. Assuming the tests go successfully, you might start seeing Buy buttons in News Feed ads and Page posts very soon. "We've built this feature with privacy in mind, and have taken steps to help make the payment experience safe and secure," writes Facebook in a blog post announcing the test. "None of the credit or debit card information people share with Facebook when completing a transaction will be shared with other advertisers."

On Monday, Facebook Messenger made it easier for companies to sell products through their Messenger bots by adding a buy button, the ability to people to buy products from a bot without needing to leave Messenger and a way for brands to direct people from their Facebook ads to their Messenger bots.

If these buy buttons roll out well, social platforms could earn money by charging a fee in exchange for processing payment and improving transaction conversion rates. The platforms could also use the purchases to more effectively portray return on investment to advertisers, encouraging them to invest more in social advertising and initiate larger social campaigns. The database of stored credit card information could also help Facebook with other commerce-related shopping endeavors.

The buy button addition could have a big impact for social marketing. The introduction of these buttons will revamp the relationship between the consumer and the business. This evolution of social marketing has the potential to shift the primary objectives for social media marketing from brand awareness to a stronger focus on lead generation. Marketers will need to think creatively if they want to fulfill the newly created potential of social commerce.

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