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Woldemar Lukin
Woldemar Lukin

[S14E5] Fame By Fame

Hey there! Maybe it's a little late to ask this but I'm going to anyway. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the song that is played during the flashbacks in this episode (Manhattan Vigil, s14e5). Not Nora Jones - Waiting, mind you, it's more like a background theme song but I don't think it was used in another episode. Anyway I loved that song if you have any idea what it is and/or how to learn, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks!

[S14E5] Fame by Fame

A big part of why Utah, and specifically Mormons, may be overrepresented on the show may be because the entertainment industry hates the LDS (Mormon) Church with a passion and is always looking for ways to defame it. It started back in 2008 when the LDS Church authored and sponsored that stupid ballot measure in California which amended the state constitution to outlaw gay marriage (it was overturned by the courts a year or 2 later). Hollywood, which tends to support the LGBT community, then turned on the LDS Church and launched a smear campaign which continues to this day. So A&E may be picking on Utah and the LDS Church for political and/or ideological reasons even though the drug problem in Utah is no more or less severe than most anywhere else in the USA. 041b061a72


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