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Boys Brigade Nigeria Pdf Download __HOT__

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The Discover programme includes the President's Badge, the requirements for which remain similar to those laid out in the 'Get the Credit' scheme. Including a 'Building Your Skills' CourseSee images and logos at[21]

Am L.T Olumide moses 4f CSMC kaduna district, d first company in nigeria was registered in 1908 and in 1935, the first company was registered in the northern nigeria. In d same manner, the Boys Brigade Csmc, was formally organized in d year 1974 at kaduna, the national Headquarters of d church. THE First company 23rd kaduna company was registered which was the First ever in CSMB company to be registerd. AT Jos conference in 1976 late Sp. Ap. Samuel Adefiayo Akintomide was officially chosen and installed as the first General Organizer of boys Brigade.CSMB World_WIde 1e1e36bf2d


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