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Dragon Tiger Gate DVDRIP: A Martial Arts Action Film Based on a Comic Book

Dragon Tiger Gate DVDRIP: A Martial Arts Action Film Based on a Comic Book

Dragon Tiger Gate is a 2006 Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Wilson Yip and starring Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue. It is based on the popular Hong Kong manhua (comic book) Oriental Heroes, which bears the same Chinese name as the movie.

The film tells the story of three young martial artists who are brothers separated at birth. They reunite as adults and join forces to fight against a powerful crime lord who possesses a legendary artifact called the Dragon Tiger Plaque.

Dragon Tiger Gate was released in Hong Kong on July 27, 2006 and received mixed reviews from critics. It was nominated for six Hong Kong Film Awards, including Best Action Choreography and Best Visual Effects.

Dragon Tiger Gate DVDRIP


The film was also dubbed in English and released on DVD in various countries. The English version features a different soundtrack and some edits to the original film. The DVD quality varies depending on the source, but some fans prefer the original Cantonese version with subtitles.

If you are a fan of martial arts films or comic books, you might enjoy watching Dragon Tiger Gate DVDRIP. You can find it online on various websites, such as [^1^], [^2^], [^3^] or [^4^]. However, be aware that downloading or streaming pirated content may be illegal in your country and may harm the original creators of the film.

Dragon and Tiger decide to team up and return to Dragon Tiger Gate together. They are joined by Turbo, who has become a formidable fighter after his training. However, they are attacked by Shibumi's henchmen, who have been sent to kill Ma Kun and take back the plaque. Dragon is severely injured by one of Shibumi's top fighters, Lousha, who uses a powerful technique called the Yijin Jing. Tiger and Turbo manage to escape with Dragon and bring him back to the academy.

At the academy, they learn that Master Wong has gone into seclusion to practice a secret technique that can counter the Yijin Jing. They also meet Ma Xiaoling, who is Dragon's love interest and a friend of Tiger. She tells them that her father is dying and that he wishes to see Dragon one last time. Dragon is unable to go as he needs to recover from his injuries. Tiger volunteers to go in his place and bids farewell to Turbo and Dragon.

Tiger arrives at Ma Kun's mansion and sees him on his deathbed. He gives Tiger his blessings and tells him to take good care of Dragon and Xiaoling. He also reveals that he was once a student of Dragon Tiger Gate and that he was corrupted by Shibumi. He regrets his actions and hopes that Tiger can stop Shibumi from spreading evil. He then dies peacefully.

Meanwhile, Shibumi learns that Ma Kun is dead and that Tiger has the plaque. He sends Lousha and his other fighters to storm the mansion and retrieve the plaque. Tiger fights valiantly but is outnumbered and overpowered by Lousha's Yijin Jing. He is about to be killed when Dragon arrives with Turbo and Xiaoling. They join forces with Tiger and manage to fend off the attackers.

They then decide to take the fight to Shibumi and infiltrate his headquarters at Luocha Gate. There, they face many dangers and enemies, including a giant crocodile, a horde of zombies, and a deadly maze. They eventually reach Shibumi's throne room, where he awaits them with the plaque. 29c81ba772


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