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Download [REPACK] Windows 10 Boot.ini Ntldr And Ntdetect

I had a very similar issue that persisted inspite lots of attempts to rebuild the boot ini file, MBR etc using the recovery console; and lots of messing about with easyBCD.In the end I solved the issue by ensuring that the actual ntldr in the root folder was compatible with the version of XP Pro SP3 I was using.I did this by searching for the latest ntldr version in the windows update folders in my Windows XP installation and simply replacing the defective one in the root folder with the most up to date one.It appears that EasyBCD had written an older version which was causing the boot ini error message regardless of how correct the arcpaths were.Hope this helps.

Download Windows 10 Boot.ini Ntldr And Ntdetect

We tried several of the possible solutions, but none worked well. Finally what worked was that since NTLDR was missing, we decided to substitute the NTLDR file in the right place. Since we had access to another computer, we copied the NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM which was available from the recovery CD which comes with computer. If you do not have the recovery CD, they were available from the site mentioned above or is available from another computer using the same Operating System (Windows XP in our case). The location was C:\i386\ntldr C:\i386\

Once it is determined that the operating system won't start, the next step in the recovery process is to check the existence and safety of these vital system files. You will not be able to check them all, but you must check at least NTLDR,, and boot.ini which are the cause of most problems).

NTLDR is the file that regulates the start up procedure. Every time you start up your computer, this file tells your computer to load Windows. "Ntldr is missing, Press Ctrl +Alt + Del to restart" is only a problem on computers that are running Windows XP or higher operating system. As one of three crucial boot files, along with and boot.ini, a missing or corrupted NTLDR may prevent operating system from launching or put you into an endless boot and restart sequence.

NTLDR is NT Loader that works as the boot loader for the systems with Windows NT OS. NTLDR comprises of three files, namely; ntldr(main boot leader), boot.ini (boot configuration, and NTDETECT.COM(Boots NT-based OS). On NTLDR error, we have to provide the specific resolution as the error has specific origin.

One thing specific to NT-Type boot-up issues: If you incorrectly edited or deleted your BOOT.INI file, the older NT-Type OSs (Windows NT, 2000 and we believe original versions of XP) will no longer boot up! We purposely deleted our BOOT.INI file under Windows XP SP2 to see what would happen, and the OS was still able to boot up; if that doesn't work for you, we'd like to know about it! So, how do you boot up one of the old systems if boot.ini is missing? Well, you either already have a boot diskette for this purpose, or you'll have to create one from another system or download the files from the Net. After copying the files listed above to the diskette and setting (editing) the boot.ini file to boot up your non-booting OS partition, it should boot up as normal so you can fix/create its boot.ini file! For more information, see the Microsoft article: Creating a boot disk for an NTFS or FAT partition (running) under Windows XP .

Why? Because the filename BOOTSECT.DOS and its ARC path are built into the programs ntldr and arcldr.exe and unless this file exists in the same folder they are in, you must supply a path to some other file and/or location. Now you know why the second line in boot.ini above contains the path: C:\CMDCONS\BOOTSECT.DAT That's the file which initially boots the Recovery Console!

I followed you instruction: * opened NTLDR in a hex editor * found string "boot.ini" (NOT "BOOT.INI" - found two occurrences of it, near to each other) * changeed both from "boot.ini" to "booo.ini" * rename BOOT.INI on the stick to BOOO.INIWhen I boot from my UDF now, I get the following error: Error in File Boot.ini ... I found out, that this error is INDEPENDENT of a right or wrong patched ntldr. I also get this error with an unmodified (unpatched) ntldr. As soon I change the name of boot.ini. , I get this error ...

When a PC is powered on, the BIOS will find a device to boot up to depending on the boot sequence priority, such as CD/DVD, hard disk and removable devices (USB or external hard drive). From the boot sector, NTLDR will be loaded and the configuration information in boot.ini will be read to generate a boot menu. Then if an NT-based operating system is chosen, NTLDR runs to gathers information about the computer's hardware, and starts Ntoskrnl.exe - the Windows kernel; if a non-NT operating system is selected, NTLDR loads the operating systems pointed in the boot.ini file.


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