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Apartments Rent Applications Pdf Free

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Apartments Rent Applications Pdf Free

NOTE - Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development does not own or manage affordable housing rental apartments and does not provide housing placement services. To learn more about homeless services, see below for "Homeless or At Risk of Homelessness Resources" below, or visit the County's Homeless Resource website.

Date of birth is an extremely common question found on most standard rental applications. It may seem like harmless-enough information, but there are a few points to keep in mind about collecting and using birth dates on a rental application.

Most rental applications also have a spot for the applicant to fill out information for government-issued identification. You will typically see the ID type, ID number, issuing government, and expiration date. Getting this information is crucial for when you collect identification copies from applicants. You can make sure that all of the information matches so that your applicant is not trying to misrepresent themselves.

Previous residence information includes all of the information listed above for the current residence section. Most standard rental applications leave space for at least one previous residence. Some allow for applicants to list two or more previous residences so you can get a more complete rental history for the applicant

It is possibly not illegal, but you should be aware that most rental agreements and leases often have provisions specifying that your tenancy may be terminated if any details you submitted on your application turns out to be false. On your submitted applications, you should be upfront and honest, and if you think you need to explain something, do so. No one, especially in business, likes to be lied to. Landlords want to know to whom they rent, and renters are always upset when a landlord has forgotten to tell them about the rental unit as well. Being frank is always the right policy on both sides.

How does a family applyThe Department of Housing will re-open the waiting list to accept applications when most people on the waiting list have been served. When the list is about to be opened, a notice and pre-application form will be placed in local newspapers and media outlets as well as on the DOH website. The waiting list currently is closed.

CDD's Housing Division accepts applications to the Middle-Income Rental Program on a rolling basis. Middle-income rental apartments are located throughout the city in developments that are privately owned and managed. Eligible applicants earn between 80-120% of Area Median Income (AMI). View household AMI ranges. 1e1e36bf2d


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