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The Only Secret Nasser Al

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The Only Secret Nasser Al

They said: Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Real Madrid in 2009 under the Law of Impatriots, legislation in force and prevailing then, and he was taxed only for the incomes that were attributable to Spain.

Group F saw Morocco draw 0-0 with 2018 World Cup finalists Croatia, stun group favourites Belgium 2-0 and then get past Canada 2-1 to book a place in the knockouts for only the second time in their history -- the "immortal" 1986 team finished top of a group containing England, Portugal and Poland, but lost 1-0 to West Germany in the round of 16. In a news conference after the Canada match, Morocco manager Walid Regragui was in animated form and overflowing with pride. Sitting next to right-back Achraf Hakimi, who has arguably been the best player in that position at the World Cup, Regragui didn't miss a beat when asked whether Morocco could win the whole tournament.

Sofyan Amrabat, the 26-year-old Fiorentina midfielder who has been a standout player in Qatar, chose Morocco at a young age over the Netherlands despite the Dutch giving him the full charm offensive at the time. He played for Morocco at the Under-17 World Cup tournament in 2013, where Morocco won their group only to be eliminated in the round of 16 by Ivory Coast.

The identity of the Saudi founders of Hezbollah Al-Hejaz is also uncertain. The only known names are those already involved in or accused of participating in military operations on Saudi territory. The most recognized names were originally part of the Shirazis before shifting their ideology toward Vali-ye faqih. The most important name is Ahmad al-Mughasal, who became the leader of the military wing of Hezbollah Al-Hejaz. Al-Mughasal decided to leave the IRO because he did not find its ideology and actions revolutionary enough.11 Another former member of the IRO who joined Hezbollah Al-Hejaz was Khalid al-Ulq, one of the four members of a Hezbollah cell accused of bombing the SADAF petrochemical plant in Jubail in March 1988; al-Ulq and his companions were later executed that September.

Hezbollah Al-Hejaz was not the only secret Saudi pro-Iranian organization that claimed to carry out attacks in Middle East. In the late 1980s, there was a series of assassinations of Saudi diplomats in Ankara, Bangkok, and Karachi claimed by two organizations, Jund al-Haqq (Soldiers of the Right) and Munazzamat al-Jihad al-Islami fi al-Hijaz (Islamic Jihad Organization in Hejaz).14 There are no details about those organizations beyond their statements claiming responsibility for the attacks and saying they were based in Beirut.

The Mossad, which was created shortly after the formation of Israel in 1948 to monitor and protect the country against external threats, conducted a top-secret inquiry into the affair in 1982. It described Egypt's 1962 announcement of the missile project as "one of the most important and traumatic events in the history of the Israeli intelligence community."

In Israel, Krug was imprisoned in a secret Mossad installation and subjected to harsh interrogation. At first he remained silent, but he soon began cooperating, and over the course of several months he "yielded much fruit," according to a Mossad report. "The man had a good memory and he knew all of the organizational-administrative details of the missile project." The documents that were in his briefcase were also useful. The report concluded, "This data made it possible to build up an intelligence encyclopedia."

The success of the Krug operation spurred Ben-Gurion to approve more targeted killing operations. He authorized the use of Military Intelligence (AMAN) Unit 188, a secret outfit that put Israeli soldiers under false cover inside enemy countries.

Yariv ordered Natan Rotberg, the assassination explosive expert of Unit 188, to start preparing the bombs. Rotberg was working on a new type of explosive: thin, flexible "sheets of explosive material, developed for civilian purposes, which were meant to fuse two p


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