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Haseo was created by CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama whose aim was for him to be a different protagonist from the previous .hack lead Kite. Since Kite was created to be the player's avatar in the original story, Haseo was meant to be more individual when it came to his characterization, by giving him darker traits. He was designed by Seiichiro Hosokawa, a new artist who joined CyberConnect2 in 2006. Takahiro Sakurai voices Haseo in Japanese. In the English version, he is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in the games and Andrew Francis in the anime.

Haseo was devised to have a darker design than previous .hack characters to reflect the more mature storyline of the .hack//G.U. games.[1] Hiroshi Matsuyama considered Kite a relatable character and wanted the next game to feature a different type of lead character for .hack//G.U..[2] In contrast to the kind Kite from .hack, Haseo's antisocial personality was meant to reflect shonen manga leads who displayed iconic elements such as "rage, despair, conflict, courage, and victory".[3] His characterization is meant to be more appealing based on how the player is distanced from him. While the third title ended Haseo's story, Matsuyama had mixed thoughts about it.[4] In some scenes at the game's beginning, Haseo was designed with a scary look.[5] Matsuyama aimed for Haseo to be written to give him multiple emotions to display during his quest for revenge against Tri-Edge for sending Shino into a coma.[6]

Haseo's character traits were decided at the outset, as was featuring him as both the game and the anime's protagonist to attract different audiences. Since .hack and .hack//Sign were conceived as two ongoing and connected projects, Matsuyama wanted to do the same with .hack//GU. However, he wanted both .hack//G.U. and .hack//Roots to feature the same lead character, Haseo. However, he felt it would be challenging to write them both and have them stay true to the two original projects. Matsuyama decided the basics of Haseo's character before doing anything else. When conceiving the idea of the Haseo's Xth form, his bangs were drawn to symbolise his continued immaturity. Because of the story's massive scale and it being spread across multiple media, Matsuyama brought Hamasaki in to help with the writing because of his experience working on the previous .hack project. Hamasaki wrote the game's script, so the team could focus on its development. At Hamasaki's suggestion, two different writing teams worked on the game and the anime.[7]

Hamasaki claims Haseo's personality was toned down for the games to make him more appealing. In contrast, Haseo is more aggressive in the printed adaptations (written by Hamasaki) where he often threatens his enemies. Hamasaki said Haseo's traits are his attempts at writing a PC controlled by an antisocial teenager.[8] As one of the themes of the series is "Grow Up", Haseo gradually matures across .hack//G.U. symbolized by the initials of the title.[9]

In the English version, Yuri Lowenthal was first cast to voice Haseo in the games. However, since the dub of .hack//Roots was produced separately from that of .hack//G.U., Haseo was voiced instead by Andrew Francis for the anime series.[9] Lowenthal came to like Haseo based on his character arc to the point of cosplaying as him. The actor has noted that numerous fans commented that Haseo is similar to another character he plays, Naruto's Sasuke Uchiha. Lowenthal agreed based on their antisocial characterization, but felt both of them undergo different character arcs.[10]

The second game was titled The Voice That Thinks of You with the director citing multiple relationships, including how Haseo remembers Shino's voice, how Atoli thinks of Haseo and most importantly, Ovan's relationship with Haseo.[11] In the three games, Haseo can have a deepened bond with a friend he has met with an ambiguous romantic tone based on who is chosen. Although Atoli was the main heroine, the team had issues with writing her to the point that Matsuyama himself chose other characters when he played the game alone. This spurred him to make her more appealing for the second chapter of .hack//G.U. since he saw himself as Haseo and had to pick the heroine as she was originally set up.[12] When it came to Haseo's scenes in the games, Matsuyama's favorites involved the ones where Haseo summoned the avatar Skeith. Takahiro Sakurai's performance as Haseo yelling at his avatar to summon it surprised the director.[13]

Haseo is introduced in the .hack//G.U. games as a famous player from "The World", a player killer known as "The Terror of Death".[28] He is searching for the legendary player killer Tri-Edge, who left his friend Shino in a coma in real life after killing her character.[29] He is guided by his former comrade, Ovan, to fight the AI Azure Kite under the assumption he is Tri-Edge. However, Haseo loses the fight and the PC completely reset.[30] As a result, Haseo is mistaken for a new player by Gaspard and Silabus, who ask him to become their guildmaster. Haseo also agrees to join the guild G.U. led by Yata, a System Administrator in The World R:2, to discover the reason behind a sudden increase in AIDA activity and Tri-Edge using it to leave players in a coma.[31] Haseo gains an "Avatar", Skeith, The Terror of Death, hidden within his PC, that has the ability to destroy AIDA.[32] Although initially cold and antisocial, Haseo comes to appreciate the friendships he makes across the trilogy. He also starts developing feelings for Atoli, a fellow player who encourages him to appreciate his time in The World, but is not until a later part of the trilogy that Haseo understands his feelings.[33]

Using Skeith, Haseo defeats Azure Kite, but none of Tri-Edge's victims recover. He continues working with G.U. to eliminate the AIDA that has been infecting other players and learn more about Tri-Edge.[34] During the .hack//G.U. games, Haseo becomes a friendly person and learns to depend on others, coming to terms with his dark past.[35] He eventually learns that the real Tri-Edge is Ovan.[36] Ovan has been planning on Haseo to develop his Avatar abilities by fighting against multiple enemies so that he would gain enough power to destroy Ovan's own Avatar completely. In their final fight, an overwhelmed Ovan uses his Avatar's abilities to delete AIDA across the network, awakening most of the comatose players.[37] Following this, a being called Cubia awakens and starts devouring The World; its destruction would result in the death of all the players who have yet to recover.[38] Since the Avatars are Cubia's counterpart, Haseo and G.U. join forces to destroy their enemy using Skeith. Following Cubia's defeat, Shino awakens, much to Haseo's relief.[39]

Haseo has also appeared in the anime television series .hack//Roots, where he is depicted as a new player who is invited to join Ovan's Twilight Brigade and search for a legendary item known as the Key of Twilight.[45] While dealing with a rival guild, TaN, Ovan disappears, and the other members abandon the guild, leaving only Shino and Haseo.[46] When Shino ends up in a coma after being attacked by Tri-Edge, Haseo becomes depressed and seeks revenge.[47] In his quest for power, Haseo meets the AI of The World's creator, Harald Hoerwick, who greatly upgrades Haseo's PC.[48] In the following months, he becomes known as "The Terror of Death" after defeating one hundred player killers, and meets Ovan again, who directs him to Azure Kite.[49] This leads to the events of the .hack//G.U. games as a weakened Haseo continues his journey.[50] An OVA titled .hack//Returner shows Haseo reuniting with his former comrades from G.U. and the Twilight Brigade following the events of the trilogy after receiving an email from the disappeared Ovan.[51]

In the manga adaptation of the games, .hack//G.U.+, Haseo is confronted by Ovan shortly after defeating Azure Kite. When Ovan disappears while awakening the comatose players, the player behind Haseo, Ryou Misaki, temporarily quits The World until he receives an e-mail from Ovan's sister, Aina.[52] He returns to The World to investigate what happened to Ovan, but loses his Avatar after being attacked by Kazumi, a member from CC Corp.[53] As Kazumi tries to use Cubia to control The World, Haseo rejoins G.U. to defeat Kazumi. In the novel series, Haseo learns that he has amnesia and that seven years before the events of .hack//G.U. he was a character named Sora who was left in a coma by Skeith until the monster's defeat. After accepting his past, Haseo gains a new form that replaces his Xth Form.[54]

The 2008 CGI film adaptation of the games, .hack//G.U. Trilogy, shows Haseo healing the AIDA-infected Atoli by combining their PCs. When Ovan leaves Atoli and all the G.U. members in coma, Haseo is consumed by rage and attacks Ovan in the new B-st Form. With help from Atoli's PC, Haseo gains the stronger Xth Form, which he uses to defeat Ovan and save him from dying using his last forces to wake up the comatose players.[55]

In the video game .hack//Link, Haseo's time with the Twilight Brigade and G.U. during Tokio's journey in the 2017 timeline is shown. In 2020, Haseo's PC joins the Twilight Knights with Tokio and the other new members as they prepare for the final battle with a virus-infected Aura, the goddess of The World. In the manga version, Haseo's story is different. His memories have been tampered with to make him believe he is still searching for Tri-Edge to avenge Shino.[56] The .hack//Link Special DVD shows a side story in which Haseo teams up with Asbel from Tales of Graces; both are voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.[57]

In the novel, .hack//Cell, Haseo appears in his quest for Tri-Edge. The .hack//4Koma manga features a series of omakes where Haseo has a rivalry with Kite over who is the best protagonist from the franchise.[58] He is also a playable character in the fighting game .hack//Versus.[59] 153554b96e


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