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Talesweaver Original Soundtrack17


Talesweaver Original Soundtrack17: A Review of the Classic MMORPG Music

Talesweaver is a popular MMORPG based on the Korean novel Children of the Rune. The game features a rich and immersive world with various characters, stories, and quests. One of the most memorable aspects of Talesweaver is its music, composed by talented artists such as ESTi, Nauts, Nikacha, JIMMie, and Chan-Suk Kim.

In 2008, Talesweaver Original Soundtrack Plus was released, featuring four CDs with over 70 tracks from the game. The soundtrack includes remixed versions of some of the original songs, as well as new compositions that were added to the game later. The soundtrack also contains orchestral versions of some of the most iconic themes, such as Apparition and Till the End of Infinity.

In this article, we will review Talesweaver Original Soundtrack17, which is the fourth and final CD of the soundtrack. This CD contains 17 tracks that cover some of the later areas and events of the game, such as Adosel, Shinop Dungeon, and Raidia. We will also discuss how the music reflects the mood and atmosphere of each location and situation.

Track List

Hotel Inside (Adosel)

dis-apparition (Shinop Dungeon)

Battle in the Tomb of Hero - Z80 mix - (Tomb of the Hero)

Stage Clear (Stage Clear!)

Apparition (Orchestra ver.) (3D Movie Opening)

Second Run (Kriden Plains)

Good Morning Narvik (Narvik (Midday))

Waltz for Zeras (Zeras)

Reminiscence (Event)

Raidia's Theme (Raidia)

The Endless Dream (Raidia)

The Last Battle (Raidia)

The End of Dream (Raidia)

Till The End Of Infinity - Orchestra ver. - (3D Movie Ending)

TalesWeaver - Orchestra ver. - (Title+Login BGM)

TalesWeaver - Piano ver. -

TalesWeaver - Guitar ver. -


The first four tracks of Talesweaver Original Soundtrack17 are from Adosel and Shinop Dungeon, two of the most mysterious and dangerous places in the game. Hotel Inside is a relaxing jazz tune that contrasts with the eerie and dark atmosphere of Adosel, a city that is controlled by a mysterious organization. dis-apparition is a techno track that creates a sense of urgency and tension as the player explores Shinop Dungeon, a labyrinth filled with traps and enemies. Battle in the Tomb of Hero - Z80 mix - is a retro-style remix of the original Tomb of Hero theme, which adds a nostalgic touch to the classic dungeon. Stage Clear is a cheerful fanfare that plays when the player completes a stage or a quest.

The next track is Apparition (Orchestra ver.), which is one of the most impressive and emotional pieces in the soundtrack. It is an orchestral version of the theme that plays during the 3D movie opening of the game, which shows the tragic fate of some of the main characters. The track starts with a soft piano melody that gradually builds up to a powerful climax with strings, brass, and percussion. The track conveys a sense of sadness, despair, and hope as it depicts the struggle between good and evil.

The following two tracks are from Kriden Plains and Narvik, two of the most peaceful and scenic areas in the game. Second Run is a lively folk tune that plays when the player returns to Kriden Plains after completing some quests. It has a cheerful and upbeat mood that reflects the joy of adventure and exploration. Good Morning Narvik is a soothing acoustic guitar piece that plays when the player visits Narvik during midday. It has a calm and serene mood that reflects the beauty and tranquility of nature.

The next track is Waltz for Zeras, which 248dff8e21


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