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SR MelloT R3.rfl. .rar

SR MelloT R3.rfl. .rar: The Ultimate Sound Library for Reason Users

If you are a fan of the classic Mellotron sound, you will love SR MelloT R3.rfl. .rar. This is a ReFill for Propellerhead Reason that contains over 500 patches of authentic Mellotron samples, recorded from the original tape banks of the legendary instrument. You can use SR MelloT R3.rfl. .rar to create lush and atmospheric sounds, from strings and choirs to flutes and brass, as well as more exotic and experimental tones.

The Mellotron was a keyboard instrument that used magnetic tape to play back pre-recorded sounds of various instruments and voices. It was invented in the 1960s and became popular among progressive rock bands like The Beatles, King Crimson, Genesis, and Pink Floyd. The Mellotron had a distinctive sound quality, with a warm and organic character, but also with some mechanical noise and pitch instability. These features gave the Mellotron a unique charm and expressiveness, but also made it difficult to maintain and operate.

Download File:

SR MelloT R3.rfl. .rar is a ReFill that recreates the Mellotron sound in Reason, using high-quality samples from the original tape banks. The ReFill contains over 500 patches, organized into categories such as Strings, Choirs, Brass, Woodwinds, Keyboards, Percussion, and FX. Each patch has its own Combinator device, with knobs and buttons to control various parameters such as volume, tone, attack, release, vibrato, tape noise, and tape speed. You can also use the NN-XT sampler to access the individual samples and create your own patches.

SR MelloT R3.rfl. .rar is compatible with Reason 3.0 or higher, and requires about 1 GB of disk space. You can download it from [this link], or from [this directory] that contains many other ReFills for Reason users. SR MelloT R3.rfl. .rar is a must-have sound library for anyone who loves the Mellotron sound and wants to use it in their music production.


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