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How to Install and Use Brekel Kinect Pro Body Software

How to Install and Use Brekel Kinect Pro Body Software

Brekel Kinect Pro Body is a Windows application that does marker-less body motion capture of up to 6 people from your living room or office using a Kinect sensor. It is built on Microsoft Kinect SDK tracking and many custom algorithms based on 15+ years of professional motion capture experience[^2^]. In this article, we will show you how to install and use this software for your own projects.


To install Brekel Kinect Pro Body, you will need the following system requirements:

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  • Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 (USB stack of Windows 7 or below canât handle bandwidth requirements of v2 sensor and is NOT supported)

  • USB 3.0 port, Intel and Renesas chipsets only! (others brands may or may not work)

  • DirectX 11 capable GPU (Intel HD4000, AMD Radeon HD6470M / HD6570, NVIDIA Geforce 610M or above)

  • 4 GB or more RAM

  • Dual Core 3.1Ghz i7/i5 CPU (slower should work but may drop frames)

  • 1280Ã1024 screen (recommended: 1920Ã1080 or higher)

You will also need a Kinect for Windows v2 or Kinect for Xbox One sensor and the Microsoft Kinect SDK drivers[^1^]. The Brekel Kinect Pro Body installer will automatically download and install these for you.

To download the installer, go to and click on the "Download Trial / Buy" button. You can choose between a free trial version that records up to 10 seconds, or a full retail version that costs $199. The installer will guide you through the installation process and ask you to enter your license key if you have one.


Once you have installed the software, you can launch it from the Start menu or the desktop shortcut. You will see a main window with a 3D viewport that shows the live feed from your Kinect sensor. You can switch between different views such as color, infrared, depth, pointcloud, skeleton and hand states by clicking on the buttons at the top.

To start recording, you need to select which output formats you want to use. You can choose between FBX, BVH, TXT, CSV and BKF formats. Each format has its own settings that you can adjust by clicking on the "Settings" button next to it. For example, you can choose which FBX file format version to use, whether to export positions and rotations or only rotations, whether to resample the data to a different frame rate, etc.

You can also enable audio recording by selecting an audio device from the drop-down menu at the bottom left. You can choose to record from the Kinect's microphone or any other audio source connected to your computer. You can also print the filename and/or framenumber to the AVI movie if you want.

When you are ready to record, click on the "Record" button at the bottom right. You will hear a countdown beep and then the recording will start. You can see the elapsed time and frame number at the bottom of the window. To stop recording, click on the "Stop" button or press ESC. The recorded files will be saved in the output folder that you specified in the settings.

If you enabled the "Preview after record" option in the settings, you can review your recorded data by switching from the "Live" tab to the "Preview" tab at the top of the window. Here you can play back your last take and decide whether to keep it or delete it.


Brekel Kinect Pro Body also allows you to stream your motion capture data live to other applications such as Autodesk MotionBuilder, Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4 or any app that supports OSC (Open Sound Control). To do this, you need to enable the network streaming option in the settings and choose which protocol (TCP or UDP), port and format (binary or text) to use.

The software comes with plugins for MotionBuilder 2009 0efd9a6b88


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