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Best Place To Buy Basketball Shoes Online HOT!

Good quality sport shoes can be soo expensive. And if you use them on a regular basis, they also need to replaced on a regular basis, which might hurt your budget. So to find that there are ways to get sport shoes and sneakers at reduced prices, is awesome.

best place to buy basketball shoes online

I do tend to wait for special offers and discount deals, as I am not quite fanatic about getting the latest shoes on the release date. But I do know that many people are, and will find this guide invaluable to track down the best deal.

Usually, if you write an article about cheap basketball shoes it is already outdated a few days later. New shoes are released all the time, older models get huge rebates and online stores offer great discount codes from time to time

In order to find the shoes that provide the best value we need to know two things about each shoe: price and performance. I put a lot of time and effort in creating a basketball shoe database that contains average review scores from sources like,, and many popular sneaker Youtube Channels. This database also pulls current prices from online shops. This allows me to easily find affordable sneakers that got the thumbs up from real shoe experts.

At WearTesters, our team of expert reviewers tests hundreds of basketball shoes each year. After testing, we collect the Best Basketball Shoes available and include them here for easy reference.

We regularly update this page to feature the highest-performing, currently available basketball shoes. The shoes listed are in no particular order. Check back any time you buy new basketball shoes.

In this article, we will go over the best basketball shoes in several different categories, but to start everything off, we will go over the top 10 best basketball shoes overall. Whether you are playing indoors or outdoors, whether you are a shifty guard or an explosive forward, these basketball shoes will serve you well. We have chosen these shoes because out of the hundreds of shoes we have tested this year, these offer a great blend of performance features that will accommodate most playing styles. Check it out.

If you play outdoors often, these shoes have the durability and cushioning to keep you going during long hours on the concrete or asphalt. If you want to know how to pick the best basketball shoes for outdoors, we also have an article that can help you out, and you can also check out our full list of the best outdoor basketball shoes, or watch our video breakdown of the best outdoor basketball shoes.

The Nike KD 15 is not just one of the best overall basketball shoes of the year, but it is also a great outdoor option, especially if you get the EP version (usually available only in Asian markets) that comes equipped with extra-durable rubber (XDR).

When we are talking about the best budget basketball shoes, we are talking about shoes that the brands have marketed as their cheaper option. There are usually some hidden gems among those models that will give you a ton of bang for your buck. You can check out the full list here, as well as our list of the top basketball shoe deals currently available.

There are not a ton of great options for wide-footers out there. With the explosion in popularity of online shopping wide footers might not get the chance, to try on sneakers in-store. But, have no fear, Weartesters is here to help you find the best shoe for you. Here you will find our top choice for the best basketball shoe for wide footers, and you can also check out our full list of wide-foot-friendly options here.

It is a big hassle to find good basketball shoes for people with flat feet. Close to 30% of the population is flat-footed, and finding proper footwear for flat-footed basketball players can be difficult. With this in mind, and after hundreds of hours and models tested, we have chosen the top basketball shoe for flat feet, and we have curated a full list of flat-foot-friendly options as well.

The main source of ankle support while playing basketball is provided by your ankle itself, and not necessarily from your shoes. If you are looking for a shoe to boost your confidence and get a little extra support, here is our top pick, and you can check our full list of the best basketball shoes for ankle support as well.

Some people like low-top basketball shoes, some people like high-top basketball shoes, it all depends on your personal taste while on the court. If you are in the market for the best high-top basketball shoe currently on the market, this is our top pick and you can check out our full list of the best high-top basketball shoes available as well, for extra info and context.

Our choices for the most comfortable basketball shoes on the market will always have to excel in two key features: materials, and most importantly, cushion. This is our current top choice, but you can check out our full list here.

The Nike LeBron 20 is one of the most hyped LeBron James basketball shoes. It strays away from previous releases like the Nike LeBron 19. The traction is multidirectional, covering you on all movements. The midsole is full-length Cushlon with a forefoot Zoom Turbo unit and an additional standard heel Zoom Air unit in the heel. Compared to previous LeBrons and max-cushioned shoes, it has a more balanced feel. The upper is lightweight and comfortable as well. Read the full review. Price: $200

First off, no basketball shoe will help you jump higher. Any publication or company that alleges the opposite is lying. As simple as that. A basketball shoe can, however, help you jump faster and cushion the impact when you come back down. So, with that in mind, here is our top pick of the best basketball shoe for jumping, and you can also check out our full list here.

The Puma TRC Blaze Court has already shown up on our overall best basketball shoes list at the top of the page. The TRC Blaze Court is a great performance shoe, and offers an excellent mix of impact protection and springy reactiveness, which makes it the best basketball shoe for jumping currently. See the full review. Price: $120

If you have a favorite brand, here you can check out our top picks from the top brands. We also have a list of the best basketball shoes by every brand that we have reviewed in the last year.

A good place to start when searching for the best basketball shoes for you is checking out shoes that were designed to cater to players who play the same position as you, or that cater to your playing style. Shoes designed for smaller quicker players will tend to put more emphasis on traction and court feel, whereas sneakers for bigger more powerful players will include as much cushion and support as possible.

The shoe features a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and a foam midsole, which is very responsive and allows for tons of court feel, which smaller guards will appreciate immensely. Traction and support are excellent as well, and you just feel more agile on the court. Probably the best basketball shoes for point guards right now. Read full review. Price: $110

After spending years teasing it, Kanye West finally released his own basketball shoe. The years of build-up made the Yeezy BSKTBL highly anticipated. And it ended up being a solid performer by including a full-length Boost midsole and a herringbone outsole. One of the best basketball shoes you can play in if you are all about the hype. Read full review. Price: $200.

You might prefer just to pick up the best basketball shoes from your favorite brand, but a shoe that caters to your playing style, physique, and foot shape really can enhance your performance on court and help prevent injuries.

A more modern Jordan model, the Jordan 29 was released back in 2014. Its predecessor, the Jordan 28, was an amazing performance model and the Jordan 29 improved on the blueprint established by the 28. With the Jordan 29 you will get great traction, one of the best Air Zoom setups in the forefoot for cushion, one of the best uppers on a basketball shoe of all time, and all the lightweight support you can handle. Another all-time great from Jordan Brand. Read full review. Original Price: $225

Outside of the different rubber compounds shoe brands use, which might too technical a differentiation, there are two main types of rubber used on basketball shoes: translucent and solid rubber.

There are many different ways to categorize basketball shoes: by brand, by surface, by position, etc. But one differentiation that is common to any type of hoop shoe is the cut. Basketball shoes can be high cut, mid cut or low cut.

It is very difficult, or maybe even impossible to pick one brand and designate it as the best for basketball. First off, that depends 100% on you and your needs on court. If you are a small shifty point guard, you would of course need a shoe that fits your needs regardless of the brand.

Then there is the issue of the time period we are talking about. In recent years, Puma has emerged as one of the most consistent producers of high quality performance basketball shoes. But they just re-entered the market in 2018. Historically, Nike might have the longest list of all-time performers, but maybe also the longest list of on-court duds.

The best basketball shoes for outdoor basketball will need more durable materials along the upper, harder rubber on the outsole, more cushion to protect against the hard blacktop, and an appropriate traction pattern. We have a full guide on how to choose outdoor basketball shoes that you can check out. 041b061a72


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