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A Cowgirl's Story

The story is a little bit of a mess with a mixture of family wanting to get the dad out of jail but not having the bail money mixed with a young singer attempting to make her way in the music industry and then finally an older widow maybe finding love after living an isolated life for years. Try to figure out how that all will come together and you win a prize!

A Cowgirl's Story

During the post-frontier era of the mid-twentieth century, the children's war-game of cowboys and Indians became not just a story but also an imagined and enacted experience of frontier. This was intrinsically familial, being commonly played with brothers, sisters, and neighbors in spaces of symbolic intimacy. In the now domesticated spaces of mid-twentieth-century settler societies, cowboy and Indian games enabled children to reinvent these places as wild and savage. Featuring make-believe reenactments of violent colonial contests, their everyday game-play intercepted past and present. In modern suburban and rural settings, it became the vehicle by which a mythologized frontier history, generically relevant to other New World societies, was naturalized and domesticated. (4) 041b061a72


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