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If you usually have access to full text from the journal in which an article is published, but are not seeing it from the link provided, try accessing it directly through your university library system. Many online services have password access that only works through a user's library system.


Our Student Portals allow online and campus students to log in and access their classes, assignments, grades, student accounts and more. Online students will find M.U.S.E. housed there as well. Log in now!

The degree programs at CTU are taught by faculty who have real-world experience in what they teach and who are in-the-know regarding current trends in their respective fields. We offer flexible online degree courses in a number of areas of study, many of which offer an option to concentrate in a specific field.

Our nursing practice doctoral degree program can help students prepare for advanced positions in systems leadership and administration and instruct them on methods of applying evidence to improve healthcare outcomes. Like our other nursing online programs, students in our doctoral program must be licenses as a Registered Nurse.

Not all online universities are created equal because not all schools offer accredited online degree programs. Accreditation can be an important consideration, since it may be required by your field of study or career path, and it can also affect eligibility for financial aid.

CTU offers transfer credit programs for active and former military members and their families. These military credit programs can help convert military experience into educational credit that counts toward completion of a degree program. Professional certifications (e.g., online certificate programs) and/or standardized exams (e.g., AP Exams, CLEP tests, DANTES Subject Standardization Tests) may further reduce the number of courses required to earn your degree.

In our Student Portals that allow online and campus students to log in and access their education. Online students will find M.U.S.E. housed under student portals. Log in to your student portal now!

We have partnered with Smarthinking to bring you on-demand online tutoring platform at no additional cost. Smarthinking offers 24/7 access to tutors who are highly trained in a variety of subjects, from beginner to advanced levels. Smarthinking is a tool to help you reach you education goals.

Our classes are full of people just like you: stay-at-home parents, empty nesters, single parents, busy professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and more. Here at CTU, students come from all walks of life to learn and may look to enrich their lives through education. In addition to knowledgeable instructors and a community of diverse student perspectives, you also have the opportunity to connect with members of our alumni network through local Colorado Springs events or online via social media.

At CTU, you can interact with your classmates and instructors in much the same way you already stay in touch with your friends, family and coworkers. By incorporating chat, email, mobile devices and popular social networking sites into your online university experience, you can make education an active, engaging part of your everyday life.

Use our award-winning online adaptive learning technology.Recognized and awarded. The IMS Global Learning Consortium, the world leader in EdTech interoperability and innovation, recognized CTU as a 2016 Gold Medal winner for its Virtual Classroom technology.

Perdoceo Education Corporation will provide reasonable accommodations during the job application process to all qualified individuals with disabilities. If you have difficulty accessing any web page content, please click here to be redirected. If you experience an accessibility issue after being redirected, or you have a disability that limits your ability to apply for a position through our online application process, please email us at Recruiting Support and provide your contact information.

CTU Colorado Springs provides a comprehensive events list of webinars, lectures, alumni get-togethers and more. We offer a number of events both on campus and online. From holiday parties to employment workshops, students and faculty at CTU Colorado Springs come together in an array of opportunities that extend the degree program experience.

Built for professionals with full-time jobs and families as well as active military members, CTU Colorado Springs students can build a schedule that includes both online as well as on-campus courses to meet their degree requirements. You can even choose to split your time between the Colorado Springs and the online Virtual Campus for schedule flexibility and convenience. We also offer transfer credit opportunities so that you might be able to reduce the time it takes to earn your degree and save on tuition.

Take control of your education and pursue a degree online or on-campus at CTU with programs that offer industry-relevant curricula and flexible learning options. We offer over 80 undergraduate and graduate degree programs and concentrations, with students from all walks of life working toward earning tech degrees, nursing degrees, business degrees, accounting degrees, and more, through our on-campus and online programs.

What else can you expect from online classes compared to traditional classroom-based learning? Learn more about the potential advantages of online classes, and how the experiences of students seeking online college degrees compare to those attending classes at university campuses.

Earning a degree from an accredited online college program is important. Colorado Technical University is institutionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( and possesses programmatic accreditations from a number of recognized accrediting organizations.

At CTU, students come first. Our flexible online course schedule helps you to build a class schedule around your schedule. Our online and mobile-friendly classes run 5 weeks long and you can choose from 9 start dates a year. And with grants and scholarships available for those who qualify, a degree from CTU can be both achievable and affordable. Learn more below or fill out the form to speak with an admissions advisor.

Colorado Technical University offers more than 50 online undergraduate degree programs and concentration options across an array of subject areas and industries. No matter what your interests and goals, there are many opportunities to find the academic path that best fits your life.

CTU offers a fully online Associate of Science in Health Administration Services program, where students have the opportunity to study the structure and operation of the U.S. healthcare system and advance their understanding of the ethical and legal principles that apply to the administration of healthcare services. In addition to increasing their understanding of medical terminology and building more sophisticated business-communication skills, students in this degree program may study more about reimbursement strategies, issues surrounding access to health care, pertinent software applications, and fundamentals of management.

In our Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management program, students who wish to pursue careers in the healthcare field have an opportunity to study relevant topics in finance, human resource management, and community relations. Core courses cover topics such as managing the health of populations, healthcare economics, statistics and research, fiscal management, and global health systems, while elective courses differ depending upon whether the student chooses to concentrate in health informatics or pursue the general track. The concentration in health informatics is available as an online undergraduate program only, while the general track may be pursued online or at our Colorado Springs campus.

Our accredited online Bachelor of Science in Nursing program has been designed by nurses, for nurses and may be completed in as little as nine months. Registered Nurses (RNs) enrolled in this online undergraduate program have an opportunity to learn how to become leaders in the nursing field and manage change in an ever-developing, dynamic healthcare environment. In addition to the general education and core requirements, students can choose from among 10 elective courses, such as Challenges and Trends in Contemporary Nursing, Innovation in Nursing, Safety and Quality Improvement in Nursing Practice, and more.

It is an online training program that consists of 8 courses, 42 hours of required content, and when completed, you will earn 10 cannabis industry certifications. Read more about the 300+ hours of optional content, and all of the industry jobs you will be trained for here!

To pass, you will need to score an 80% or higher on the cannabis quizzes and tests. However, there is no limit on the number of times you can take the quizzes and test along the way. We actually hear from our students that the quizzes and tests help them understand the material even better!Will this teach me how to grow marijuana at my house? Yes! The Master of Cannabis Certification, includes certifications in Indoor Marijuana Growing and Outdoor Marijuana Growing. You will have access to dozens of hours of required and optional cultivation training, the most offered anywhere online. Our Marijuana 101 Certification also provides basic marijuana cultivation training, streamlined for the first-time grower, with optional advanced content available for more ambitious students. All of this is included when you enroll in the Master of Cannabis Certification Program!Will I learn how to open a dispensary? Yes! The Master of Cannabis Certificate Program includes your certification in How to Open a Dispensary! You will lean everything you need about opening, managing, and working at a cannabis dispensary, plus all of our other professional cannabis training. What jobs can I get after I graduate?You will be trained for any job in the cannabis industry. This includes jobs on a marijuana or hemp farm, in a cannabis dispensary, a CBD/Hemp shop, an extraction facility, an edibles kitchen, and much more! Having CTU on your resume helps you stand out from the competition. 041b061a72


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