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Frostpunk.Update.v1.1.2-CODEX Tool

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AMD FSR, FidelityFX Super Resolution, can now be added to virtually every game using the latest Lossless Scaling tool. Developed by Hybred (a former game developer for Ubisoft), it is stated that the new tool delivers better image scaling and, does not suffer from stuttering and input delays in games.

The benefits of being Open Source for AMD FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) can already be seen. The technology has been incorporated in several games at a much faster pace than DLSS and devs are working round the clock to get it implemented in other titles through specially built tools.

While the technology can be implemented within a day or two in any AAA game, there are certain older games that developers no longer support. For those titles, programmers have built specially designed tools that can inject the AMD FSR scaler for almost similar performance & image quality. The most commonly used tool is Magpie which injects the spatial upsampling technique in almost any game title you could think of but users have been reporting issues such as stuttering and input delays when using it.

As such, there's a new tool on the horizon and it's known as Lossless Scaling Tool which is made by the developer, Hybred. According to him, Lossless scaling comes without the issues of Magpie and could also implement AMD FSR in every game. Following is a description of the lossless scaling tool:

One other benefit of this tool is that it does not require additional tools to process Laso and Riva in order to make them playable. The Lossless Tool also lets you adjust sharpening and also reportedly increases performance which is one of the main things that makes AMD FSR work so well. The tool is currently only available on sale for $2.99 US on Steam and for those willing to give it a try, here's the link.

So far, the reviews of the tool have been very positive but I have also featured a quote from a user on Reddit who tried the application and his experience was quite mixed. Once again, if you want, you could definitely try out the lossless scaling tool yourself but there are free options available too in the form of Magpie which does have some issues but work well in the majority of the games with AMD FSR.

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