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Baby Steps 2nd Season

The improved visuals and the first opening sequence gave me hope that NHK wanted to adapt everything but yeah, the lack of announcement at the end makes it quite likely that this is all we are going to see. They seem to be having reruns of the second season, any chance of them announcing something after that?

Baby Steps 2nd Season

In this clip show of the series, Danny, Tucker, Riley and Bonnie look back on their past ridiculous situations, while Ben is at work. Right after Ben leaves for work, Emma takes her first steps, walking to Danny. Danny, Tucker, Riley and Bonnie then scheme to have Emma take her "first steps" again, this time walking to Ben.

The second season's story picks up at a Florida academy where rival players practice and clash in order to promote their rankings. For Eiichirou this is not only his first time being abroad but a first chance to face competitors from around the world.

They re-signed David Wells, who pulled himself from a World Series start after only one inning, irrevocably taxing what was left of the staff after three long rounds. They traded for Brown despite six trips to the DL in the previous three years and he not only broke down again but then smashed his hand on a locker room wall in early September, an obvious factor in his 8.68 postseason ERA.

Lest we forget that China Regulations requiring hand-over of source code for networking equipment from all companies (foreign and domestic) was only a baby step too. Since Huawei is a domestic (to China) company who likely has footholds in their banking, it would be easy to grow from there.

It was a big win for the Tigers, who need to take baby steps on their way back to relevance. Heading into a four-game series this weekend with the Indians, a series win against Kansas City was a must. 041b061a72


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