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Henry Mishin
Henry Mishin

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the tr-606 was part of the group that inspired the 808 with a delay that really launched bass, and the tr-606 sometimes gets a bad rap for being old-school and not very viable now. i really love it, and its simplicity and power. its basically a mono synth, so no key tracking, just a straight amp inside the synth. and theres a really weird thing about it. when i turn it on, it does a click, and then the initial part of the tune will be like for 1/2 a second or so. i have to turn the knob back to zero to reset it, and then it runs smooth. but i still get some of the clicks with the tune, so its like its getting ready to work. all synthesizers do this because its mechanical and it sounds perfect, but it always freaks me out. also, you can use the other two controls on the side, the high pass filter and the low pass filter, to change the pitch of the filter of the synth. it sounds nice and i dont have too many problems with it because i get used to it.

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whether you like this era or not, almost everybody remembers these songs, their choruses, their names and a handful of phrases, miaows, and outros. if you play disco like house, you can recreate this instantly.

paul mccartney is overrated chords 90s alternative 80s pop. the music was a combination of his distinctive style mixed with synthesizers and techno beats, which gave it a unique sound that was both catchy and dark. the time is different in the chorus. the time in the chorus is also different in different places. used to be a lot of time in the chorus in the 80s in the first time. but now it changed. the chord progression is the same for the verses, that are the same as the chorus too except the way it is played. my suggestion is to speed up the music and play this chord progression a couple of times. you can play this chord progression and there are other ones. i love listening to this song, check it out.


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