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Buy Nicole Lee Handbags Wholesale

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Our artwork prints are registered as Copyright worldwide. Anyone attempting to use only the drawings (or part of drawings) are yet in violation of infringement under copyright law and wil be prosecuted. See

Nicole Lee was established in 2004 by Samuel Lee and designer Suzy Han. Dedicated to a vision of style that is equally playful and unforgettable, the LA-based powerhouse takes great pride in creating one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories that push the envelope on unparalleled design. Nicole Lee is anything but shy with its eye-catching colors, couture-like details and exceptional craftsmanship.Nicole Lee is proud to celebrate all cultural histories and backgrounds around the world. Every collection is thoughtfully curated with designs that transcend fashion to inspire confidence in every woman. Stores can be found in some of the most prestigious cities in the world, including London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Madrid and many more.

Bold, feminine and functional are three words that could be used to describe our wholesale Nicole Lee collection. The colors, patterns and lines of this brand are all the rage, and can go with casual, dressy, weekday and weekend.

Why stop with a purse Our wholesale Nicole Lee includes wedges, flats, heels, wallets and more. No matter what you choose, you'll always be a hit with the colors and patterns that let people know you bring the party. Better yet, these items don't have to break the bank.

Hoping for something a little more subtle but still with a pop Check out the black, navy and brown heels, and the sophisticated handbags in black and white. The options for mixing and matching are endless, with many customers liking to combine a wild pair of shoes with a quieter purse, or maybe a monochromatic outfit with a handbag that shouts from the rooftops.

Whatever your taste, favorite color or practical need, the wholesale Nicole Lee collection from is your hotspot for the hottest accessories. Call today with any questions about our inventory.

Best Choice Trading in Dallas carries Wholesale costume jewelry & handbags and a huge selection of the newest fashion trends. People from Texas as well as all over United States visit and call Best Choice Trading to order handbags and costume jewelry.

Princess Purse is a WHOLESALE fashion handbag boutique located in the Fashion District of Los Angeles , California . We offer a wide variety of high-quality, low-cost items that have been inspired by designers! Many of our handbags are also considered to be inspired by the popular.

Nicole Lee, an LA based company, had its first launch in 2004. Since then, the company has quickly emerged into the mainstream gaining never-ending recognition from magazine editors to Handbag 101 Pro's. With unique designs and funky details, Nicole Lee has created a collection that is continuously pushing the envelope when it comes to hot fashion trends. "We believe fashion should be fun and refreshing."Nicole Lee defines Fashion as: "An ever changing entity that is consistently incorporating cultural and social traits in its designs." Created with Top quality fabric and detailed craftsmanship, Nicole Lee handbags are not shy on the shelves. With aggressive and fashion forward designs, Nicole lee aspires to take the world of handbags to a whole new level.This young and hyper-creative design team uses its inspiration from European runways, NY's intense dynamic lifestyle and of course LA's casual yet trendy street fashion to develop its unique and ground braking collection. Nicole Lee takes great pride in creating high-end contemporary bags for chic's that know and appreciate fashion.You can find Nicole Lee collection in thousands of fine boutique shops throughout the state and abroad such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Rome, Madrid and many more. With our loyal customers pledging overwhelming support, Nicole Lee is on a venture to take on the new era of handbags. 59ce067264


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