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Henry Mishin
Henry Mishin

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It's that time again -- time to implement iterative cinematography on Arnold GPU. Arnold GPU now offers the simplest, fastest, and most flexible way of putting data-driven graphics into your pipeline. It's also the only option that includes a real-time viewport -- the same viewport you use for all you source renders.

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This document describes the new Arnold GPU support for Arnold 2016. One of the new features is the "slow rendering" mode in Arnold GPU. Users can also use ARNOLD CLI and the new autoloading feature on Arnold GPU.

Yet Arnold GPU is much more than a GPU runtime. It includes a scene graph and a universal shader language that truly covers the entire work flow in the pipeline. With this unified shader language, data-driven graphics work on their own, and are not dependent on specific rendering tools.

Set the default desktop widget to open Arnold GPU directly, and get the latest news sent to you right on your desktop. Using Arnold GPU, you can easily process and render data-driven 3D graphics, and get feedback on the same viewport as your source renders, in real time.

Arnold GPU is based on the new version of Python scripting, allowing scripting of physical and virtual cameras to other apps in the system. For example, if you like movies, you could do your 3D work with Arnold GPU, and then use VLC to run the movies in the viewport.

You can use Arnold GPU to create views of your 3D scene graph at whatever resolution and quality you like. It can render the 3D content and texture-mapped objects, just like you would with any other renderer. The results of your renders are all in the same viewport as you do in your source renders, so you can compare your results directly to your source renders. It is all in a single view.


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