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Where To Buy Pita Pit Gift Card \/\/FREE\\\\

At PitaPit, we don't do things the conventional way; we never have and we never will. Ultimately, this approach starts with our bread - the pita. Our pitas aren't the boring, stiff, fold-over-type pitas - they're unique. They are custom-designed to wrap around our delicious, lean grilled meats, fresh toppings, cheeses, and sauces, so it can be eaten and enjoyed anywhere. Yes, anywhere - the office desk, walking down the street, driving the car, or on the dance floor!

where to buy pita pit gift card

Download Zip:

This gift will give the card recipient's taste buds the treatment they deserve. Valid at all Foodtastic restaurants: La Belle & La Boeuf, Pita Pit, Milestones, Second Cup, Rôtisseries Benny, Rôtisseries Fusée, Shoeless Joes, Carlos & Pepe's, Monza, Souvlaki Bar, Chocolato, Rôtisseries Au Coq, Nickels Deli, Fionn's McCool (Prime Pubs), Bacaro Pizzeria, La Chambre, L'Gros Luxe, Copper Branch, Tommy Café, Gatto Matto and Big Rig. Enjoy!

Users will receive a $1 coupon towards the LTO when they create an account and various prizes will be distributed through May 31 (while the Baja Chicken Ranch pita is on the menu.) Prizes include four $50 gift cards, two $100 gift cards and one $250 gift card.

If you have a Pita Pit gift card and want to know the current balance, then you have come to the right place! Below we list three possible ways you can try. One would be how to check your Pita Pit gift card balance online, the second is the Pita Pit gift card balance phone number and the last way would be if you can get the available amount at a Pita Pit store location. You will need the card number on the front of your gift card in order to find out what the current balance is, and in most cases you will need the PIN or security code located on the back of your card. If you need to find out how much is left on your Pita Pit gift card again, we recommend you bookmark this page so you can quickly and easily access this information, as the steps may have changed from when the last time you visited.Tips for Buying Gift CardsWhen shopping for a Pita Pit gift card you should buy from sources you know and trust. Avoid buying gift cards from online auction sites, because the cards may be counterfeit or may have been obtained fraudulently. Read the fine print before you buy. Is there a fee to buy the card? If you buy a card by phone or online, are there shipping and handling fees? If you don't like the terms and conditions, buy elsewhere.See whether any fees will be deducted from the card after you purchase it. Inspect the Pita Pit card before you buy it. Verify that none of the protective stickers have been removed. Make sure that the codes on the back of the card haven't been scratched off to reveal a PIN number. Report any damaged cards to the store selling the cards. Give the recipient your original receipt so they can verify the card's purchase in case it is lost or stolen.Consider the financial condition of the retailer or restaurant. If you buy a card from a company that files for bankruptcy or goes out of business, the card may be worth less than you had anticipated. If the business closes a store near the recipient, it may be hard to find another location where the card can be used. A company that files for bankruptcy may honor its gift cards, or a competitor may accept the card. Call the company or its competitor to find out. Even if the company is not redeeming Pita Pit gift cards now, check back with them periodically; they may start redeeming cards at a later date.Tips for Using Gift CardsIf you have a Pita Pit gift card, be smart about how you use it:

KINGSTON, Ontario, Nov. 30, 2017 /CNW/ -- Pita Pit Canada, the fresh thinking, healthy eating brand founded in Ontario, will launch a new national partnership this holiday season with Breakfast Club of Canada, the non-profit organization that builds awareness and raises funds to support childhood development and provide access to a healthy morning meal in communities across Canada. Through the partnership, Pita Pit Canada will donate $1 to Breakfast Club of Canada for every gift card purchased during the month of December.

Pita Pit locations nationwide will participate in the program throughout the holiday season. Gift cards purchased throughout the month will include a sticker notifying the recipient that the donation has been made to Breakfast Club of Canada and all proceeds from the campaign will stay within the local community where the gift card was purchased. If there is no breakfast program in the community, the funds will remain within the region or province.

"Pita Pit is pledging our support to the communities we serve by refusing to settle for the idea that it's acceptable for children to be unprepared to learn each day because they are hungry," said Pita Pit CEO Chris Fountain. "This holiday season, Pita Pit gift cards will help to give children a stronger start to the day that will help boost their success, both in the classroom and in their lives."

One of the many ways to help Downtown Tempe businesses during these uncertain times is to buy gift cards to your favorite places. This will help bring revenue to your local favorites and gives you the opportunity to dine, shop and/or visit these wonderful merchants when things calm down. 041b061a72


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