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Groove Box (Original Mix)

The unique workflow of grooveboxes is naturally suited to electronic music. But manipulating synthesis parameters to make a sound evolve over a repeating sequence is a foundational technique in many subgenres.

Groove Box (Original Mix)

Ah, the groovebox. With the original single function machines like the Roland TR-808 drum machine and Roland TB-303 bassline, one typically needed a few of these classics together to make some tunes. But now, several manufacturers are creating great all-in-one machines you can use to create a complete song. They do integrate into larger setups as well, meaning you can start small with one of these and expand as you go along.

The very definition of a groovebox is about as liquid as it gets. You can say that anything that makes beats and melodies is making grooves, but that could even include a laptop! So here at MusicRadar we have made our own rules on what makes a great groovebox!

As you might expect, the more you pay for a groovebox, the more capable it is of creating a complete piece of music. And in some cases, the more you pay, the more complex the features, so the less instant fun you will have!

Circuit Tracks is a straight sequel to the original Circuit groovebox. With more functionality it looks like an even better value proposition than its predecessor. The synths and sampling capabilities are broadly similar to those on the original, with the most significant additions being to the hardware itself.

You get 2GB of supplied content, plus three internal soft synths, a drum synth and vintage keyboard for extra sonic creativity. Add this to the powerful sampling and editing features and this is a powerful standalone workstation that takes the groovebox up to DAW level status.

Previous versions of the 404 have been instrumental in the LA beat scene, where the combination of affordability and ease-of-use made the machine a favourite of many, both on stage and in the studio. However, while it might be beat focussed, its sampling capabilities mean it can bring any grooves and sounds to the party.

As with previous Elektron grooveboxes, the depth of the sequencer is the real trump card of Digitakt. Almost every parameter can be automated and the sequencer allows for pattern length to be set for each track, too, making it easy to create complex polyrhythms.

Groovebox apps are designed to give you the tools to compose and perform beats from your mobile with a few simple touch commands. But are there any groovebox apps reliable or powerful enough to build full live performances? And if so, which groovebox apps are the best options to check out first?

The center of the GUI houses the primary play/stop functions and is very well-spaced and responsive, which is ideal for live performances. This section is also home to all the sample editing and layering functions that come with Grooverider. Anyone familiar with classic analog groovebox interfaces should find it easy to navigate Grooverider in a live setting.

Yes, but this also depends on your requirements for live performances. While Groovebox apps can perform most of the primary functions of classic analog hardware devices, they still have a while to go before they are as dependable and powerful. However, if your composition and performance ideas are relatively short and basic, there is certainly a place for a groovebox app in your toolkit. 041b061a72


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