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Beamng Drive Steam Key Generator

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In 2011, some Rigs of Rods developers gathered and decided to improve upon the open-source software with a new product.[8] BeamNG opened its website,, on 8 May 2012 to deliver news of the game's development.[9] On 28 May 2012, BeamNG released a YouTube video entitled "Revolutionary soft-body physics in CryEngine3" that featured the vehicle deformation technology. The video, according to Marketing and Communications manager Nataliia Dmytriievska, got over one million views overnight.[8][10] Originally, was to be based on CryEngine 3, but its use in a driving game uncovered numerous bugs, leading development to be rolled over to Torque 3D.

The engine, or the one after the Torque 3D engine, depends on the CryEngine back end. Useful modifications were made by the main developer of CryEngine, Chris Hegarty, who was Arkyd's creative director and CryEngine's lead architect. BeamNG had such a plan, they wanted to make their new game play Level Design gameplay as a complete level design engine inside the game's CryEngine back-end. They added support for Level Design character modding and improved numerous graphical features, making everything look better than CryEngine. A big breakthrough in the new engine is that it has several rendering modes, as CryEngine was only capable of OpenGL rendering only - and even then only with the TEXTURE_NONE flag set, which led to many graphical glitches. is now based on Torque 3D, which has a slightly different engine with a completely new art asset management system, new textures, new particle system, new shaders and a faster rendering. Hopefully, this will lead to better looking vehicles with more varied material properties. d2c66b5586


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