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How to Find the Best Cephalometric Tracing Software for Free

Cephalometric tracing software is a tool that helps orthodontists, dentists and maxillofacial surgeons to perform cephalometric analysis, surgical planning and treatment follow-ups using 2D X-ray images. Cephalometric tracing software can automatically place landmarks, draw soft tissue silhouettes, calculate measurements, generate reports and superimpose images from different stages of treatment. However, cephalometric tracing software can be expensive and complicated to use. How can you find the best cephalometric tracing software for free

One option is to use Google to search for free cephalometric tracing software. Google is a powerful search engine that can help you find relevant and reliable information on the web. However, not all cephalometric tracing software that you find on Google are free or trustworthy. You need to be careful and check the credibility, features and reviews of the software before downloading or using it.

Another option is to use some of the free cephalometric tracing software that we have found for you. Here are three examples of free cephalometric tracing software that you can download or use online:

Planmeca Romexis Cephalometric Analysis: This is a software module that is part of the Planmeca Romexis dental software suite. It offers easy-to-use tools for performing cephalometric analysis, surgical planning and treatment follow-ups in 2D. It has an automatic tracing feature that places the points and soft tissue silhouettes on a cephalometric image in seconds. It also allows you to superimpose X-ray images, tracings and profile photos from different treatment stages automatically. You can also simulate surgical and orthodontic treatments by creating a cephalometric visual treatment objective (VTO) with a prediction image. You can download a free trial version of the software from their website[^1^].

Cephio: This is an online program for analyzing cephalometric X-rays. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, it prepares tracing and landmark positioning automatically. You can choose from different analyses such as Steiner, Jefferson or Bjork. You can also fill in patient details and save the results as a PDF report or image. You can sign up for a free trial and analyze up to 10 X-rays over the next 7 days[^2^].

CephNinja: This is an app that turns your iPhone and iPad into an innovative cephalometric analysis and records management tool. It has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to upload X-rays, trace landmarks, select analyses, view charts and reports, and share results with your patients or colleagues. It also has a superimposition feature that lets you compare two analyses and see the changes over time. You can download the app from the App Store and buy a subscription that suits your needs[^3^].

These are some of the free cephalometric tracing software that you can find on Google or use online. They can help you perform cephalometric analysis, surgical planning and treatment follow-ups in 2D with ease and accuracy. However, you should always consult with your professional advisor before making any clinical decisions based on the software results. a474f39169


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