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A Haunting - Season 7


In Ironwood, Michigan 1999, newlyweds Adrian and Nicole Anderson are living in a cabin in a wooded area that Adrian has been occupying by himself for three years now near where he grew up with his father. It's not too long after Nicole moves in, the couple come to realize is haunted by the previous owner who died there. Nicole sees these hauntings firsthand and tells Adrian about this. Adrian tells her about his experience with the previous owner, an older man, when he was a kid and described the man to be very hostile and died at some point of an ulcer. Nicole suspects he died on the property and becomes the prime target for old man's spirit, even hearing his voice shouting "Get out!" and finding him in bed with her. One day, Nicole believes a make-over will bring some positivity to the house and relinquish the spirit. While pulling up the carpet, Nicole discovers a large blood stain on the floor. Adrian comes clean about the old man's death, lying earlier to avoid scaring Nicole. Adrian and his friend Wade, a skeptic, are renovating one day and hear footsteps and discover tools being moved, something Wade believes is Nicole playing tricks on them. When Wade gets attacked by an unseen force, he flees the property. After Nicole gets choked by the spirit that nearly kills her, Adrian reaches out to demonologist Andrea Mesich the following day who comes by that night with a husband-and-wife duo team Dawn and John Grathoff to interview the spirit using a beeping gadget. When the spirit reacts to it and assaults Andrea, Andrea invites a priest, Father Rob, to cleanse the house resulting in the house shaking violently. The exorcism is successful, and the old man is banished from the house. The couple move out of the house with Adrian returning to the area only for hunting retreats. Nicole however, decides to keep her distance.

The series has featured several alleged paranormal encounters, including traditional hauntings, demonic activity, ghost attacks, possessions, and cryptic visions.[3][4] The series covers incidents from various locations mostly in the United States, but five episodes are set in international locations around the world, these are Canada, England, Ireland, and Taiwan. Episodes may be set in houses, apartments, farms, commercial areas, and even vast outdoor regions.[2][5][6] Most episodes present several accounts of paranormal experiences through cinematic re-enactments, which are accompanied by commentary from eyewitnesses and investigators themselves.[7]

Episodes within the series follow a frequently recurring pattern, in which victims of hauntings begin noticing peculiar incidents that gradually become more frequent and bizarre. Denial is most often the first reaction. As the situation escalates, however, and every possible conventional explanation is explored and found wanting, they either contact a paranormal investigator, a member of the clergy, or a spiritual medium for assistance. In some cases, victims are able to successfully resolve their paranormal issues, while in others, victims are forced to vacate their residence.[9][10] Certain episodes have also featured commentary from famed demonologist and clairvoyant Ed and Lorraine Warren, who have actually investigated some of the cases featured on the series. The episode "The Dark Side" was dedicated to the memory of Ed, who died in 2006.[10]

The show originally aired from August 6, 2002 to November 9, 2007 on the Discovery Channel, which produced four seasons of 39 episodes. After nearly a five-year hiatus, New Dominion productions began producing new episodes of a A Haunting in 2012. The show's fifth through eighth seasons were broadcast on the Destination America channel, which aired between October 12, 2012[11][12] and March 20, 2016. As of the show's ninth season, it aired on the TLC Network, where it premiered on October 21, 2016 and ended the following year on October 30, 2017. In 2019, the show's tenth season premiered on The Travel Channel.[13] After a two year hiatus, the eleventh season of A Haunting debuted on December 31, 2021 on the Travel Channel as well as Discovery Plus.[14] 59ce067264


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