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Wkejth Amillerm
Wkejth Amillerm

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This may the only hack that exists that will actually help you progress faster with music production. You can watch all the Youtube tutorials, pay for online courses and read every blog on the web and nothing will speed up your improvement with music production faster than a good tutor or mentor.

OK, so it's definitely more difficult or at least time consuming to find a good tutor or mentor than it is to sign up for an online course. The time you save once you have a good mentor is however immense. They'll be able to look at you, look at the big picture of music production and see exactly where you should focus for maximum impact with your learning. They'll spot the gaps you won't. They'll know how much you don't know which you won't.

The curriculum for the older students includes financial management, business development, mobile app creation and website development, including four electives: craftsmanship, art, fashion design and music technology. In each of these areas, professionals mentor the students to produce and market salable items.

Alexander Sarlin 0:04 Welcome to Ed Tech insiders. In this podcast we talk to educators and educational technology investors, thought leaders, founders and operators about the most interesting and exciting trends in the field. I'm your host, Alex Sarlin, an educational technology veteran with over a decade of work at leading edtech companies.Ben Kornell 0:27 Hello, everyone, and welcome to This Week in edtech. I'm your host, Ben Cornell with my co host, Alex Sarlin. Here today, we have a huge day in ed tech, lots of news. So we're doing a double episode. And not only do we have many headlines to bring you we also have an interview with our first unicorn CEO ever on the podcast, Phillip color from paper. We're really excited for today's episode and Well, we hope you'll hang with us as we walk through everything happening in the EdTech universe. Let's go to the headlinesnumber one, Alex.Alexander Sarlin 1:15 So our first headline today it comes from an ad search article a very interesting initiative coming out of Facebook slash meta. It's about how meta is starting to help colleges recreate their campuses in the metaverse basically create Metaverse campuses, and it's clearly a sort of early move to try to create fully online and fully immersive education experiences. A meta as you know, is one of many companies, especially big tech companies that are all sort of in a big, epic fight to sort of own the metaverse. We also saw Apple this week announced a new device that will come in a couple of years. That's their sort of immersive device. We're seeing Microsoft make moves, we're seeing Disney make moves. So the metaverse the war for the metal versus on an education is one of the fronts in which it will be fought. Interesting times. What do you think about that This movementBen Kornell 2:16 Please, Lord, tell me they are not creating metal fraternities or I'm going to I'm just gonna give up on the whole thing. Please.Alexander Sarlin 2:25 Know what happened I mean,Ben Kornell 2:26 my take on this, Alex is that, you know, Facebook, once again, inadvertently makes a huge education play. And it is always challenging when we in ed tech are a rounding error on a big tech corporate initiative. But this one actually could be really important because meta investing in the metaverse promises to be one of the leading platforms where people will, you know Metaverse their lives, I strongly believe that you know, we're actually going to be in a multiple Metaverse future where students are going to be choosing a Metaverse and then that likely converts them to lifelon


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