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Catholic Teen Porn

Talking to kids and helping them to become good stewards of the gift of human sexuality bestowed by God is hard work. In a culture that forcefully communicates a pornified counter-gospel, though, it is certainly one of the most important and enduring gifts a parent can seek to provide for the happiness and well-being of their children.

catholic teen porn

According to a report cited by Covenant Eyes, a 2018 study showed that 51 percent of boys and 32 percent of girls viewed porn before they reached the age of 13. The same study showed that 57 percent of teenagers search for porn at least monthly and that 71 percent of teens hide their online behavior from their parents.

If we tell our teens that masturbation is normal and healthy, we're setting them up with a habit that can yield a lifetime of difficulty. We're telling them that self-indulgence and lack of self-control are positive things. This cannot form a strong foundation for mature, loving sexuality.

If you think you're trapped in the habit of masturbation or one of its close cousins (pornography, infidelity, prostitution, etc.), seek the competent help of a priest who supports the Church's sexual morality, and specifically the Catholic teaching on masturbation. (Don't be shy! They've heard it all before. Sadly, it's quite common.)

Yesterday, the Catholic League issued a news release on the existence of a hard-core teen porn site listed on the links section of the Democratic National Committee (DNC); the entry that connected the porn site was the Willie Velasquez Institute. The DNC now says that it was unaware of the fact that this site began moving [...]

In a nation where close to half of adults will tell you viewing pornography is always morally wrong, the increasing temptations to seek sexual satisfaction on the Internet pose moral dilemmas for many Americans. And the struggle between conflicting personal desires and beliefs can be particularly costly for religious Americans, new research suggests.

Donny Pauling is a former porn producer, turned antiporn activist. He has presented publicly with antiporn luminaries such as Gail Dines and Craig Gross of the XXX Church. At the end of 2014, Pauling was arrested on charges of sexually abusing a girl under 14 years old. Pauling's alleged abuse had apparently been going on for some time, at the same time that he was publicly advocating against the dangers of porn.

Sadly, the fear of sexual arousal comes from a lack of understanding, and an inability to discuss it. Our sexual education system continues to suppress open conversations about sexual desire through the prevalence of abstinence-only curricula. A recent study suggests that self-identification as a porn addict is driven by internal conflicts over moral and religious beliefs about sexuality. And scandals such as the one involving this sad, tortured priest, lead to even more tortured, painful silences. These silences are often broken only by vocal cries of fear and opposition, driven by reaction formation.

Had these antiporn activists used the avenues of sexual arousal on the Internet, perhaps they would have committed no crime. Sex crimes across the country have diminished as Internet pornography has become more widely available. The use of webcams has led to far fewer exhibitionists on the streets and in gas stations, when they can use the Internet to expose themselves safely and privately.

Those who rail against sex on the Internet, and the dangers of pornography and sexual desires are shouting for our help, our sympathy and our support. Some who advocate against various forms of sex and porn addiction are in fact asking us to understand that they are afraid they cannot control their sexual desires. Perhaps they can hear us say that we too sometimes struggle with our sexual desires, but that this is human and understandable. It is clearly something where their fear is far, far worse than the thing they fear, and the energy they give to their fear only heightens their panic. 041b061a72


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