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Old Muramatsu Flutes Serial Numb [UPD]

Old Muramatsu Flutes Serial Numb >>

Old Muramatsu Flutes Serial Numb [UPD]

How to Identify Old Muramatsu Flutes by Serial Number

If you are a flute enthusiast or collector, you may have come across some old Muramatsu flutes that pique your interest. Muramatsu is one of the most renowned flute makers in the world, and their instruments are highly sought after by professionals and amateurs alike. But how can you tell the age and value of an old Muramatsu flute One of the easiest ways is to look at the serial number engraved on the body or headjoint of the flute.

The serial number of a Muramatsu flute can tell you a lot about its history and quality. In this article, we will explain how to decode the serial number of an old Muramatsu flute and what it means for its value and performance.

The History of Muramatsu Flutes

Muramatsu flutes have a long and rich history that dates back to 1923, when Koichi Muramatsu founded the company in Tokyo, Japan. He was a skilled craftsman who learned the art of flute making from his father, who was a woodwind instrument repairer. Koichi Muramatsu started by making piccolos and then expanded to flutes. He soon gained a reputation for producing high-quality instruments that combined traditional Japanese craftsmanship with Western technology and design.

In 1954, Muramatsu introduced the first solid silver flute in Japan, which was a breakthrough in the industry. The company also pioneered the use of gold and platinum in flute making, creating some of the most exquisite and expensive flutes in the world. Muramatsu flutes have been played by many famous flutists, such as Jean-Pierre Rampal, James Galway, Emmanuel Pahud, and Sir James Galway.

Today, Muramatsu is still a family-owned business that continues to produce some of the finest flutes in the world. The company has two factories in Japan, one in Tokyo and one in Nagoya, where each flute is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Muramatsu also has distributors and dealers in many countries around the world, including the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

How to Decode the Serial Number of an Old Muramatsu Flute

The serial number of a Muramatsu flute can be found on the body or headjoint of the instrument, usually near the embouchure hole or on the tenon. The serial number consists of a letter followed by four or five digits. The letter indicates the year of manufacture, while the digits indicate the production number within that year.

The letter code for the year of manufacture follows a 26-year cycle that repeats every four cycles. The first cycle started with A in 1957 and ended with Z in 1982. The second cycle started with A again in 1983 and ended with Z in 2008. The third cycle started with A again in 2009 and is still ongoing. The fourth cycle will start with A again in 2035.

The following table shows the letter code for each year of manufacture:


A1957, 1983, 2009, 2035

B1958, 1984, 2010, 2036

C1959, 1985, 2011, 2037

D1960, 1986, 2012, 2038

E1961, 1987, 2013, 2039

F1962, 1988, 2014, 2040

G1963, 1989, 2015, 2041

H1964, 1990, 2016, 2042

I1965, 1991, 2017, 2043

J1966, a474f39169


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