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Woldemar Lukin
Woldemar Lukin

Tintin In Tibet

In 2009 the store was transformed and relocated to the address Although this website has given our customers a lot of joy and satisfaction since that time, today we aim to provide an even better customer experience. This is the best way we can show our customers that we are listening to them and that we are dedicated to providing the very best quality service possible.

Tintin In Tibet


It was with great pleasure that we opened a brand new online boutique in 2015 (located at, with better navigation, high-definition images and animations, a customer account with more features, more payment options and a greater choice of delivery methods.

Do you think that your problem relates to a technical issue? If so then please contact our customer service either by email ( or by telephone +32 (0)2 255 01 23 from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm.

All refund requests must be made by e-mail to and must include the order number, reference to the product, a clear explanation of the problem and a photograph of the product to illustrate the problem.

It is rare for an order not to be fulfilled and delivered within the delivery times specified, but if you have not received your order within a month following order confirmation, please inform us by e-mail:

In the unlikely event that a Customer does not receive the goods within one month following the order, the Customer is required to inform Boutique Tintin by e-mail (

In accordance with the law, the Customer has the right to consult, delete, amend or correct data they have provided. Data may be consulted, deleted, amended or corrected via the Boutique Tintin website, by sending an e-mail to the following address:, or by sending a letter to: Budasteenweg 7, 1830 Machelen, Belgium.

If you accept the use of cookies but then change your mind, please delete the cookies associated with as indicated in the following section. Then you should simply not accept them when you next visit the website and the cookie message appears. 041b061a72


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