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How to Use and Maintain Your Instant Fisherman 2

How to Use and Maintain Your Instant Fisherman 2

If you are looking for a portable and versatile fishing rod that can fit in your backpack, car, or boat, you might want to check out the Instant Fisherman 2. This innovative fishing device can extend from 11 inches to 50 inches in seconds, allowing you to fish in any type of water and catch any size of fish. But how do you use and maintain your Instant Fisherman 2? Here are some tips and instructions to help you get the most out of your fishing experience.

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How to Use Your Instant Fisherman 2

The Instant Fisherman 2 is easy to use and set up. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Unfold the rod by pressing the button on the handle and pulling the rod tip out.

  • Adjust the length of the rod by twisting the locking collar clockwise or counterclockwise.

  • Open the bail arm of the reel by lifting it up.

  • Thread the line through the guides on the rod, starting from the smallest one near the tip.

  • Tie your hook, lure, or bait to the end of the line using your preferred knot.

  • Close the bail arm of the reel by pushing it down.

  • Set the drag knob on the reel according to the size and strength of the fish you are targeting. The drag knob controls how much pressure is applied to the line when a fish pulls on it. To increase the drag, turn the knob clockwise. To decrease the drag, turn it counterclockwise.

  • You are ready to cast your line and start fishing. To cast, hold the rod with your dominant hand and use your index finger to hold the line against the rod. With your other hand, hold the handle of the reel. Swing the rod back over your shoulder and then forward over your head. As you swing forward, release your index finger and let go of the line. The line will fly out with your hook or lure attached.

  • To retrieve your line, turn the handle of the reel clockwise. You can vary the speed and direction of your retrieve to attract different fish.

  • If you feel a bite or a tug on your line, set the hook by lifting the rod tip up quickly and firmly. Then reel in your catch while keeping tension on the line.

How to Maintain Your Instant Fisherman 2

To keep your Instant Fisherman 2 in good condition and extend its lifespan, you need to perform some basic maintenance after each use. Here are some tips and instructions to follow:

  • Clean your rod and reel with fresh water and a soft cloth. This will remove any dirt, salt, or debris that might damage or corrode them.

  • Dry your rod and reel thoroughly before storing them. This will prevent rusting or molding.

  • Lubricate your reel with a few drops of oil or grease on the moving parts. This will ensure smooth operation and prevent friction or wear.

  • Check your line for any signs of damage or wear, such as fraying, twisting, or kinking. If you find any, replace your line with a new one of suitable strength and diameter.

  • Fold your rod by pressing the button on the handle and pushing the rod tip in. Make sure to align the guides on the rod before folding.

  • Store your rod and reel in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. This will protect them from fading or cracking.


The Instant Fisherman 2 is a great fishing device for anyone who loves fishing but doesn't want to carry a bulky or heavy rod and reel. It is portable, versatile, and easy to use and maintain. With these tips and instructions, you can enjoy fishing with your Instant Fisherman 2 anytime and anywhere. e0e6b7cb5c


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