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How to Protect Your Privacy and Security by Changing Your MAC Address with SMAC - VPNCompare

In distributed symmetric routing, if you use VRFs as a means of virtual subnetting, you need to configure a specific VTEP to act as the default gateway for all hosts in a particular subnet. You need to configure all subnets on the gateway VTEP. When a host in one subnet wants to communicate with a host in another subnet, it addresses the packets to the gateway VTEP. The ingress VTEP then bridges the packets to the gateway VTEP over the corresponding VXLAN tunnel. The gateway VTEP routes to the destination host, and, post-routing, the packet bridges to the egress VTEP (to which the destination host attaches). The egress VTEP then bridges the packet on to the destination host.

HACK SMAC MAC Address Changer V2.0.5

MAC address security often involves using MAC address security groups (MGs) to prevent unauthorized hosts from joining a domain and using network addresses. A MAC address security group comprises a set of MAC addresses from the same vendor and membership in a MAC address security group is enforced on a per-host basis. The VNI is the identifier for the MAC address security group.

For a given Cumulus Linux router, the router ID is a hash of the MAC address. The MAC address never changes from the provider of the interface. While the MAC address generally is not considered a security risk for these reasons, if you are concerned that the MAC address was compromised, you can change the MAC address to an arbitrary value. What you choose is up to you. You should only ever change the MAC address if you are changing the interface ID to a completely different MAC address because otherwise even if an attacker is able to modify the MAC address, the router ID will still match. You should also only change the MAC address to one that has never before been seen on the router. If you change the MAC address to one that is frequently seen, the hash algorithm will not be fooled and the router will continue to appear the same to Cumulus. If you are changing the MAC address because the address previously was used for another interface on the router, then there is no good reason to change the MAC address and you are likely creating a security risk.


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