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Aside from the NVIDIA drivers and GRID SDK, the use of G2 and G3 instances does not necessarily require any third-party licenses. However, you are responsible for determining whether your content or technology used on G2 and G3 instances requires any additional licensing. For example, if you are streaming content you may need licenses for some or all of that content. If you are using third-party technology such as operating systems, audio and/or video encoders, and decoders from Microsoft, Thomson, Fraunhofer IIS, Sisvel S.p.A., MPEG-LA, and Coding Technologies, please consult these providers to determine if a license is required. For example, if you leverage the on-board h.264 video encoder on the NVIDIA GRID GPU you should reach out to MPEG-LA for guidance, and if you use mp3 technology you should contact Thomson for guidance.

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You would develop your AFI and the software drivers/tools to use this AFI. You would then package these software tools/drivers into an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in an encrypted format. AWS manages all AFIs in the encrypted format you provide to maintain the security of your code. To sell a product in the AWS Marketplace, you or your company must sign up to be an AWS Marketplace reseller, you would then submit your AMI ID and the AFI ID(s) intended to be packaged in a single product. AWS Marketplace will take care of cloning the AMI and AFI(s) to create a product, and associate a product code to these artifacts, such that any end-user subscribing to this product code would have access to this AMI and the AFI(s).

Yes. The Hardware Development Kit (HDK) includes simulation tools and simulation models for developers to simulate, debug, build, and register their acceleration code. The HDK includes code samples, compile scripts, debug interfaces, and many other tools you will need to develop the FPGA code for your F1 instances. You can use the HDK either in an AWS provided AMI, or in your on-premises development environment. These models and scripts are available publicly with an AWS account.

The Trainium software stack, AWS Neuron SDK, integrates with leading ML frameworks, such as PyTorch and TensorFlow, so you can get started with minimal code changes. To get started quickly, you can use AWS Deep Learning AMIs and AWS Deep Learning Containers, which come preconfigured with AWS Neuron. If you are using containerized applications, you can deploy AWS Neuron by using Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), or your preferred native container engine. AWS Neuron also supports Amazon SageMaker, which you can use to build, train, and deploy machine learning models.

You can determine the status of your Spot request via Spot Request Status code and message. You can access Spot Request Status information on the Spot Instance page of the EC2 console of the AWS Management Console, API and CLI. For more information, please visit the Amazon EC2 Developer guide.

AWS provides base macOS AMIs without any prior Xcode IDE installation. You can install Xcode (and accept the EULA) just like you would on any other macOS system. You can install the latest Xcode IDE from the App Store, or earlier Xcode versions from the Apple Developer website. Once you have Xcode installed, we recommend creating a snapshot of your AMI for future use.

Utilizing an adidas promo code is simple and easy. Once you've selected all of the items you'd like to save on, you'll make your way to the checkout page. Here you'll find the "add a promo code" field, listed directly below your cart. Simply add the desired code and watch your savings be instantly applied!

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Regardless, you likely will be notified about the future of your account the month before your current card is set to expire. In most cases, you simply will be sent a new card with an updated expiration date and CVV code, but the same account number embossed on the front. This is an indication that your account is in good standing and nothing else other than the plastic has changed. If your issuer decides to upgrade your account, the new plastic that you get in the mail will likely bear a new account number as well.

A credit card expires at the end of the month written on the card, not the beginning. You'll find your credit card's expiration date on the bottom half of your card, below your card number, in a month/year format. The date is usually about three years in the future. So if you have a card that expires in November 2020, you'll be able to use it all the way through the last minute of the last day in November of that year. But the issuer will likely send you a new card automatically before then. The new card's expiration date, security code, and card number will be different, so you'll have to update your information for any automatic payments.

Once you have received your new Wells Fargo credit card, you'll need to activate it by calling the number on the sticker attached to the front of the card. After that, the new card, which will have the same account number but a new expiration date and security code, will be ready to use. Make sure to dispose of the old card by cutting it up for security.


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