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Buy Sell Pharmacy Listings

Selling a pharmacy is something that most owners do just once in their life. Most owners, regardless of whether they work with a broker, have questions about what to expect. NCPA offers this information to all member And non-member sellers

buy sell pharmacy listings

The President and CEO of EPC is a pharmacist and licensed realtor with over ten years of experience buying and selling properties. He has brought this experience to the pharmacy arena and has been able to match hundreds of pharmacy buyers and sellers throughout the country.

If you are looking to buy a pharmacy, we are also your best choice because we work with pharmacies throughout the country on a daily bases. This includes pharmacy owners who want to sell now and others who are contemplating to sell their pharmacy. These are pharmacies that are not listed anywhere so you are guaranteed to get the best value for your dollar.

If you are a buyer or seller, contact us. We have the entire package; methods to provide valuation of a pharmacy, attorneys to assist with contracts and we understand the entire process so we can facilitate the sale to make it a smooth transaction. Once the sale is completed we can also provide you with pharmacists and technicians to staff your pharmacy.

Access resources like our Interactive Valuation Tool and receive confidential advice designed to help you develop your succession plan, find potential buyers and receive the best possible price for your pharmacy business.

As the number of women pharmacists continues to grow, RxOwnership has developed a program designed to help women excel in independent pharmacy. The goal of the Own It program is to create a community of women who can help other women pharmacists exceed their career expectations.

Our brokers have access to a broad network of potential buyers and are in the best position to quickly and efficiently complete the sale of your current pharmacy or the purchase of your next one, at maximum profitability. At, you will work with professionals and experts of our brokerage team to bring you the most benefits whether you are interested in buying or selling. offers a comprehensive brokerage package including resources available for our clients before and after sale.

We cater primarily to independent pharmacy owners looking to sell their stores or just learn more about their options. Whether you have decided to transition out of your business or perhaps a pharmacy chain has contacted you about selling and you want to learn more about options, call us today. We handle all conversations and communications with the highest degree of confidentiality and respect.

We at aim to make ourselves ESSENTIAL to our clients. We assure this by increasing the efficiency, profit margin and reducing the stress our clients go through during the selling process.

Our proprietary valuation methods are the industry standard, while our consulting expertise, business acumen and fundamental knowledge of the neighborhood pharmacy combine for the most efficient, profitable, and stress-free sale experience possible.

We challenge our clients to test the waters when it comes to buying or selling their pharmacy. We are confident that the honesty and professionalism we demonstrate in pursing your interests is unrivaled amongst the brokers in the market today.

We are experts in the purchase and sale of pharmacies. We are familiar with local pharmacys, trends, and even the smallest duties and obligations of a small independent pharmacy. We pride ourselves on having an intimate knowledge of what pharmacies mean to their communities.

Looking for a successful pharmacy practice to take over? This business fills over 1,000 prescriptions every week and accepts all insurance. With provable numbers, this isn't just a store - it's a gem... More details

Looking for a full-service pharmacy that provides compounding pharmaceuticals, laboratory services, vaccinations, and durable medical equipment? Look no further than this established Pharmacy serving... More details

Well established pharmacy in business for more than 10 years. Wonderful Corner Pharmacy Location in high end neighborhood. Pharmacy accepts all insurance including Medicaid ,Medicare, CVS- Caremark... More details

LISTING ID # 34157.Well established absentee run pharmacy in business for 35 years! Pharmacy accepts all insurance including Medicare, Medicaid , CVS Caremark, ESI. Pharmacy averages about 70 scripts... More details

Established pharmacy for sale in Dutchess County, NY. This is a great potential pharmacy. It is still growing, and in need of a new owner-operator to take hold of. This Pharmacy business is situated... More details

Looking for a profitable retail pharmacy that does more than just fill prescriptions? Look no further than this family-owned and operated pharmacy located in a major healthcare hub. Not only do they... More details

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Looking for a well-located pharmacy in New York City? Look no further than this 5-year-old pharmacy, which delivers all over the city. This pharmacy is a great opportunity for someone looking to break... More details

Sunbelt Business Brokers of Dallas presents this Pharmacy business for sale in Metro Dallas-Fort Worth Texas! This is a new start-up pharmacy with contracts in place and a reasonable lease. This... More details

A fast-growing pharmacy fully licensed in the state of Florida. This is a great opportunity for an independent pharmaceutical retail business looking to expand, a physician or a pharmacist looking to... More details

Much like a real estate agent evaluates real estate, we evaluate community pharmacies using specific financial indicators, past and current market performance, and comparable sales of similar pharmacy businesses and provide a realistic price range or value of the business.

We have hundreds of independent pharmacy clients across the country, so it is likely we have potential buyers in close proximity that may be interested in acquiring an additional pharmacy. Combine that with our ability to market on a large national database with over 4,000+ registered and prequalified buyers and investment companies, and we have a great pool of prospective, potential buyers to choose from.

It is very difficult to run your business and try to sell your business at the same time; and almost impossible to manage the various professionals requesting paperwork and information. We can work with the required professionals, attorneys, accountants, and the many regulatory agencies on your behalf.

The valuation process is a valuable tool for any pharmacy owner. Owners request valuations of their businesses for: bankruptcy, divorce, estate planning, goal setting, succession planning, buying or selling a business, etc. Items required to evaluate a retail pharmacy include: financial statements, tax returns, various pharmacy reports, lease review, real estate review, prescription count, technology, trademarks, patents, specialty items, and services, community demographics and a few others. The end result is an official letter of opinion depicting a realistic price range or value of the business. If moving into a brokerage agreement, we will guide you in determining the true value of the facility before establishing a sale price.

1. Set a Reasonable Price There are many different business valuation equations that take into account a wide assortment of variables such as number of prescriptions, net and gross income, expenditures, dollars per prescription, percent of revenue, multiples of earnings, etc. Using any one equation may present a figure either too high or too low. Without determining your value, taking into account many of these equations and utilizing an experienced broker, you will not know how to accurately price your pharmacy.

2. Minimize your risk If legal or financial matters are involved that may devalue a pharmacy. Having a true comprehensive pharmacy valuation will help safeguard and substantiate your valuation claims.

Many times, buyers or sellers have already identified a potential transaction with one another, and possibly entered into some negotiations but feel they need for help from a qualified professional. We can represent both buyers and sellers in a potential sale, and will assist with any and all parts of the brokerage process. Fees will be negotiated based upon the time and effort needed to assist with the transaction. There may be additional variables that need to be addressed based on the complexity of the proposed transaction.

If a buyer has a specific geographical area where they would like to do business in, we can conduct a search within that specific area for an existing pharmacy for sale or prepare a market viability study to determine if a new pharmacy is needed and can thrive based on population and proximity to other services and pharmacies. Fees are usually based on a percentage of the transaction, to be negotiated between the prospective buyer and broker.

Multiple options for pharmacy loans are available, and lenders are competing for business. We can help you compile the information lenders need to secure the best terms and to make better offers with less cash out of pocket. We have worked closely with banks, both locally and nationally, and can make sure lenders receive the correct information in a timely manner to secure the financing you need to close the deal.

This is the most important document because it grants R.J. Hedges & Associates (RJH) permission to list and sell a business. It lists the agreement for payment, to conduct Valuation, to prepare Confidential Business Review, outlines any retainers and scope of work to be completed by RJH. 041b061a72


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