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(Dub) 1 : What Is Evil Whatever Springs From W...

God I hate that people can make a statement like "3 times in a row no English" and not get immediately corrected with fact. The response from the guy who "talked to sources" is completely wrong and obviously made up as soon as you look a the actual truth. Instead, we spin our wheels and talk about the problem and solution based on whatever BS people "think" is true. This is the way we do everything now, where saying something on the internet and getting more likes then other people makes what you said "true". Here is what's really going on.

(Dub) 1 : What Is Evil Whatever Springs from W...

With Wong evading to another section of the tower, Harper and Kennedy found the opportunity to fire on Simmons from afar until the platform they stopped on began to fall, forcing them to jump back on to the cable. Simmons' attention shifted to the two agents as they climbed further. Harper tried to call out for Wong's help as Wong returned the favor, trying to slow Simmons down with gunfire. It was not long before Simmons went after Wong again, giving Harper and Kennedy the chance to find even ground once more until Kennedy found a way over to help Wong as she was knocked out by Simmons. From afar, Harper could do nothing but provide cover fire for the two while fending off whatever zombies shambled her way. Though Harper was helpless as Simmons managed to knock Kennedy to the edge of the platform, leaving him dangling until Wong came to his rescue. With Simmons dispatched, Wong bid Kennedy a final farewell before departing, though Harper urged him over their comms to go after her. Kennedy refused, stating that he and Harper were sticking together. 041b061a72


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