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Cadex Battery Shop Software

Battery service software assists battery manufacturers and pack assemblers in terms of life cycle testing, batch checking for quality control and verifying warranty claims. Chemistry, voltage and current setting can be entered manually through the PC. Charge and discharge voltages are displayed in real-time graphics. The graphs also include battery temperature and internal resistance readings that are recoded during charge and discharge cycles. All test data can be stored for future reference.

Cadex Battery Shop Software


The program is automated; the software plots and stores the test results which can be downloaded to a computer. This program performs an incoming battery inspection. The CHKNGAZCA4 analyzer also offers dynamic stress tests to examine each battery under different load levels.

The CHKNGAZCA4 has a software, label and handheld scanner option that simplifies fleet service by creating a permanent ID number to each battery which can be affixed to the batteries. The label printer generates the labels with a bar code to identify and track each battery through its life. To service a battery, simply scan the label and insert the battery into the analyzer. The software will configure, and the analyzer displays the battery history that includes age and past service reports. This solution is a simple yet powerful for a PC-interface to control and monitor the CHKNGAZCA4 battery analyzer. The database holds over 3,000 batteries with a mouse click or bar code swipe that configures an analyzer. The software, label, and handheld scanner are sold separately.


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