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Boehse Onkelz-Adios Full Album Zip


BÃhse Onkelz - Adios: A Farewell Album by the German Rock Band

BÃhse Onkelz is a German rock band that was formed in 1980 and disbanded in 2005. The band is known for their controversial lyrics and image, as well as their loyal fan base. Their last studio album, Adios, was released in 2004 and featured 15 songs that reflected on their career, their struggles, and their farewell to their fans.

Adios is a diverse album that showcases the band's musical range and influences, from hard rock to punk to metal to ballads. Some of the highlights include "Hier sind die Onkelz" (Here are the Onkelz), a defiant anthem that celebrates their identity and legacy; "Nichts ist fÃr die Ewigkeit" (Nothing is Forever), a melancholic song that acknowledges the end of their journey; "Keine ist wie du" (No One is Like You), a romantic song dedicated to their female fans; and "Vaya con Tioz" (Go with God), a Spanish-inspired song that bids farewell to their fans and friends.

Adios is available for streaming on Spotify[^1^] and Qobuz[^3^], and for download on Internet Archive[^4^]. It is also part of the Blu-ray[^2^], which documents the band's final concert in 2005. Adios is a must-listen for any fan of BÃhse Onkelz or German rock music.BÃhse Onkelz has a long and controversial history in the German music scene. The band started as a skinhead group with neo-Nazi and racist lyrics, but later renounced their past and changed their style and message. They faced censorship, boycotts, and lawsuits from the media and the authorities, but also gained a loyal fan base that supported them throughout their career. The band was known for their rebellious attitude, their social criticism, and their personal struggles with addiction and violence.

The band announced their breakup in 2004, citing creative differences and personal issues. They played their final concert in 2005 at the EuroSpeedway Lausitzring in front of 120,000 fans. The concert was recorded and released as Vaya con Tioz, a four-hour-long DVD and Blu-ray that captured the band's emotional farewell. The band reunited in 2014 and has since released two more albums: Memento (2016) and BÃhse Onkelz (2020).BÃhse Onkelz is a band that has influenced many generations of German rock fans with their music and lyrics. Their songs express their views on life, society, politics, love, friendship, and death. Some of their most memorable quotes are:

"Ich trinke auf, auf gute Freunde, Verlorene Liebe, auf alte GÃtter und auf neue Ziele. Auf den ganz normalen Wahnsinn, auf das, was einmal war. Darauf, dass alles endet und auf ein neues Jahr." (I drink to good friends, lost love, old gods and new goals. To the normal madness, to what once was. To the fact that everything ends and to a new year.) - "Auf gute Freunde" (To Good Friends)

"Wir sind die letzten unserer Art. Wir sind die KÃnige der Nacht. Wir sind die Herrscher dieser Welt. Wir sind die Onkelz." (We are the last of our kind. We are the kings of the night. We are the rulers of this world. We are the Onkelz.) - "Hier sind die Onkelz" (Here are the Onkelz)

"Wir sind nicht wie ihr wollt und nicht wie ihr denkt. Wir sind nicht wie ihr seid und nicht wie ihr uns kennt. Wir sind nicht wie ihr uns macht und nicht wie ihr uns braucht. Wir sind nicht wie ihr uns hasst und nicht wie ihr uns liebt." (We are not like you want and not like you think. We are not like you are and not like you know us. We are not like you make us and not like you need us. We are not like you hate us and not like you love us.) - "Nichts ist fÃr die Ewigkeit" (Nothing is Forever)

"Wir haben nichts zu verlieren und alles zu gewinnen. Wir haben keine Angst vor dem Tod und keine Angst vor dem Leben. Wir haben nur ein Ziel: Freiheit fÃr uns alle." (We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have no fear of death and no fear of life. We have only one goal: freedom for us all.) - "Freiheit" (Freedom)

"Wir sind die Kinder dieser Zeit. Wir s


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