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AKB48 Team A 6th Stage Mokugekisha Studio Recording Album: A Review


AKB48 Team A 6th Stage Mokugekisha Studio Recording Album: A Review

AKB48 is a popular Japanese idol group that consists of several teams and sub-units. One of the teams is Team A, which has been performing its 6th stage show, Mokugekisha (Witness), since 2010. The show features 18 songs that showcase the talents and personalities of the members. In 2013, AKB48 released a studio recording album of the show, titled AKB48 Team A 6th Stage Mokugekisha Studio Recording Collection.

AKB48 Team A 6th Stage Mokugekisha Studio Recording Album

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The album contains two CDs, one with the original studio recordings of the songs, and another with live versions recorded during the show's performances. The album also includes a booklet with lyrics, photos, and comments from the members. The album is a must-have for fans of AKB48 and Team A, as it captures the energy and emotion of the stage show.

The songs on the album range from upbeat pop tunes to ballads, with themes such as love, friendship, ambition, and self-discovery. Some of the highlights are:

  • Mokugekisha: The opening song that sets the tone for the show. It is a catchy and powerful song that expresses the determination of the members to be witnesses of their own lives and dreams.

  • Ibitsu na Shinju: A dark and dramatic song that tells the story of a twisted love affair between a woman and a man who is already married. The song features strong vocals and a haunting melody.

  • Itoshisa no Accel: A solo song by Takahashi Minami, the leader of Team A and AKB48. It is a heartfelt ballad that showcases her vocal skills and charisma.

  • Saboten to Gold Rush: A fun and upbeat song that depicts the members as adventurers in search of gold in the desert. The song features a catchy chorus and a rap part by Shinoda Mariko.

  • Pioneer: The closing song that sums up the message of the show. It is an inspiring and uplifting song that encourages the members and the audience to be pioneers of their own lives and futures.

The album is a great way to enjoy the music and performance of Team A, one of the most talented and diverse teams in AKB48. The album is available on various online platforms such as Spotify[^2^], Apple Music[^3^], and Amazon[^4^]. Fans can also purchase the DVD version of the show, which includes footage of the stage performances and behind-the-scenes clips[^1^].

AKB48 Team A 6th Stage Mokugekisha Studio Recording Album is a testament to the hard work and passion of Team A members, who have been performing this show for over a decade. It is also a tribute to their fans, who have been supporting them throughout their journey. The album is a must-listen for anyone who loves idol music and wants to witness the growth and evolution of Team A.



One of the reasons why Team A 6th Stage Mokugekisha is so popular and successful is the chemistry and bond between the members. The show features various unit songs that highlight the different combinations and interactions of the members. For example, Ude wo Kunde is a song by Nakaya Sayaka, Maeda Atsuko, and Kuramochi Asuka, who are known as the "three musketeers" of Team A. The song is a cheerful and upbeat song that reflects their friendship and teamwork. Another example is Hoshi no Mukougawa, a song by Nakata Chisato, Kojima Haruna, Ota Aika, and Iwasa Misaki, who are known as the "four heavenly kings" of Team A. The song is a cute and catchy song that showcases their charm and personality.

The show also features some special performances by the members, such as Zenza Girls, a pre-show song by three selected members who are not part of the main cast. The song is a chance for the members to show their potential and appeal to the audience. Another special performance is I'm crying, a song by Maeda Atsuko, who was the center and ace of AKB48 until her graduation in 2012. The song is a emotional and powerful song that expresses her gratitude and farewell to the fans.

Team A 6th Stage Mokugekisha is not only a musical show, but also a theatrical show that incorporates drama, comedy, and action. The show has a storyline that revolves around the members being witnesses of a murder case that involves a mysterious pop star. The show has several plot twists and surprises that keep the audience engaged and entertained. The show also has some humorous and witty dialogues and skits that showcase the members' acting skills and sense of humor.

Team A 6th Stage Mokugekisha is a masterpiece that represents the essence and spirit of Team A and AKB48. It is a show that has been loved and praised by fans and critics alike for over a decade. It is a show that has made history and left a legacy in the idol industry. It is a show that every fan of AKB48 should watch and listen to at least once in their lifetime.

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