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Daemonica Download PC Game

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Daemonica Download PC Game

Daemonica is a mystery adventure played from an overhead isometric perspective. The game casts players in the role of Nicholas Farepoynt, an investigator in medieval England who possesses an unusual talent: he converses with the dead. Yet in order to tap into this sixth sense, Farepoynt must acquire herbs to create potions that enhance his powers. Players will explore the 3D city of Cavorn and its surrounding areas looking for clues, collecting items, solving puzzles, and speaking to witnesses -- both living and deceased. The object is to discover the person or persons responsible for a young girl's murder, and to figure out why other bodies are suddenly cropping up all over town. Farepoynt will also be able to use his sword in combat as he undertakes a combination of obligatory and optional quests. Something is not what it seems, and the truth must be unveiled -- no matter what the price.

There are a lot of people who play RPGs largely for the adventuring aspects, and at first glance it is to these gamers that Daemonica, the debut game of Czech developer RA Images, appears to be aimed. However, despite its presentation and a small degree of simple combat, this game sticks closely to the tried-and-tested adventure template, to varying degrees of success.

The story really is one of Daemonica's strong points. As the game progresses, Farepoynt is caught up in the lives (and deaths) of the citizens of Cavorn, and the game manages to explore some interesting religious and occult themes. It's an intriguing yarn with a dark, intense atmosphere, and one that is easy to get drawn into.

Yes, you read that right. However, in the absence of cutscenes, the minimalist, low budget alternative of employing narration with a screen full of text and a posed close-up of the main character actually works quite well, and I rarely found it disappointing that the events described weren't shown. What did annoy, however, was the way in which the voiceovers for these monologues, which make up almost all of the recorded speech in the game, rarely match up entirely with the text on screen. While the differences are never huge - just the odd word here and there - the regularity with which this occurs is noteworthy, if a minor issue overall.

Dialogue between characters, meanwhile, is unvoiced, and takes place in a text window that pops up over the main game view. This serves its purpose, but doesn't really help to connect the player with the characters due to the camera setup chosen for the game. Viewed from an isometric overhead perspective, in a manner similar to many RPGs, the system affords a reasonable view of Farepoynt's surroundings, but it also has the effect of distancing the player from what is going on in the game. With no in-conversation animation, and with the characters never seen close up, the player is always left feeling slightly detached rather than a part of the action. This is a minor quibble, though, and the rest of the 3D presentation does much to belie the game's evident budget limitations. There's a reasonably large amount of ambient animation, with rain lashing down, trees swaying in the breeze and animals scurrying under foot. The music, too, is of a high quality, helping to create a sense of tension without ever being too intrusive.

The interface employed by Daemonica will offer little in the way of surprises for those experienced with RPGs, but may be new to some adventure-only gamers. With a click of the mouse being all that is required to move Farepoynt around, pick up objects or start conversations, interaction itself is a reasonably intuitive experience. Slightly less easy is the player-controlled camera movement. Constantly rotating the camera around the main character requires use of the keyboard, as does as zooming in and out, and while relatively straightforward, this system is a little clumsy. Smooth rotation is difficult and the control setup, which cannot be redefined, maps left and r


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