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Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi Hd 1080p Blu-ray Download Movie

Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi hd 1080p blu-ray download movie

Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi is a 2012 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy film directed by Bela Bhansali Sehgal, starring Farah Khan, Boman Irani, Kavin Dave, Shammi, Kurush Deboo and Daisy Irani. The film takes its inspiration from the Persian poem Farhad and Shirin by Nizami Ganjavi, itself based on a story found in the Shahnameh.

The film tells the story of Farhad Pastakia (Boman Irani), a 45-year-old Parsi bachelor who works as a bra-and-panty salesman and lives with his overbearing mother and grandmother. He falls in love with Shirin Fugawala (Farah Khan), who works at the Parsi Trust and visits his store. However, their relationship faces a hurdle when Farhad's mother discovers that Shirin is the one who got their illegal water tank demolished. The film follows the ups and downs of Shirin and Farhad's romance and how they try to overcome the obstacles.


The film received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances of Khan and Irani, but criticized the screenplay and direction. The film was also a moderate success at the box office, earning 94.8 million (US$1.2 million) in its first week of release.

If you are looking for a light-hearted and quirky comedy with a touch of Parsi culture, you can download Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi hd 1080p blu-ray movie from the link below. You can also watch the official trailer of the film [here].


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